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Drafting Magic 2011 Part 2: White July 14, 2010

Posted by James in : all, reviews, previews, strategy, tips, limited, draft , trackback

Here are my favorite top 10 white common and uncommon white cards in Magic 2011. These are the cards I would want most if I was playing white.

1. Serra Angel

serra angel

Serra Angel is just about as good as the uncommons can get.

2. Condemn


Condemn is just about as good as creature removal gets, but Lightning Bolt is still better and Pacifism will also be better in many situations.

3. Pacifism


White can’t stop Royal Assassin, but Pacifism will take care of most threats and it will often be better than Condemn.

4. Armored Ascension

armored ascension

I don’t like giving the opponent card advantage, so you really don’t want an enchanted creature with Armored Ascension to get killed. Even so, it can be a game winning card.

5. Blinding Mage

blinding mage

Blinding Mage is pretty much creature removal. The only problem is that it is easy to kill.

6. Safe Passage

safe passage

Safe Passage is a large step down from the power level of the above white cards in this list, but it can be game winning when used as an appropriate combat trick.

7. Stormfront Pegasus

stormfront pegasus

Stormfront Pegasus is also a big step down on this list, but it is a highly efficient early game threat.

8. Assault Griffin

assault griffin

Assault Griffin goes well with the strong flying theme that white has in M11. If you can make a deck with tons of fliers in white, things are looking good for you.

Assault Griffin has a much lower power level of Stormfront Pegasus because it charges you two more mana to give it +1/+1, but it makes the list because the flying theme is quite good.

9. White Knight

white knight

White Knight is a great creature for only two mana. There’s not much else we can say about it.

10. Excommunicate


Excommunicate is the perfect card for an aggressive white deck. If the opponent is trying to stay alive against your assault, then Excommunicate can be like a timewalk. The opponent plays a creature. You excommunicate it, then they might have to waste a turn to play the creature again.


How does this match up to M10? Harm’s Way has been replaced by Condemn, which isn’t really as good. Righteousness and Neck Snap are also gone, but white has more flying creatures now. Going for a flying theme could be a good idea.


1. Bob The Builder - July 18, 2010

Armored Ascension over Blinding Mage? Maybe Ascension is better when your mono white, but creature removal is better than +3/+3 and flying

2. James - July 18, 2010

Bob, you might be right about that. I suppose I might rate Armored Ascension a little higher just because it is an uncommon. It is also ridiculous if you are in mono white or almost mono white, but not as good in a two color deck.

3. Skippy - July 19, 2010

I agree with this list pretty well. I played a sealed M11 release playing white and green, and most of these commons helped me place pretty high. Though I would put Pacifism over Condemn.