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Magic 2011 Top 10 Cards (Not In Magic 2010) For Standard July 8, 2010

Posted by James in : all, strategy, constructed , trackback

My current favorite top 10 cards in Magic 2011 that are reprints or completely new with Standard tournaments in mind are as follows:

1. Mana Leak

mana leak

Mana Leak is the biggest change in Magic 2011. Yes, we have a real counter spell again.

2. Obstinate Baloth

obstinate baloth

Obstinate Baloth is a good card just as a creature, but it is also a great defense to Blightning.

3. Preordain


Preordain is definitely competition for Ponder, but I think it’s probably even better. It will probably get restricted in Vintage tournaments, just like Ponder.

4. Ember Hauler

ember hauler

Someone said Ember Hauler is the new Mogg Fanatic, but I think it’s even better than that. It’s kind of like getting two Mogg Fanatics at the same time. For one more mana it’s a little bit like drawing an extra Mogg Fanatic. Imagine if someone asked you, “Do you want to spend one more mana for a free Mogg Fanatic? You would usually say, “Of course!”

5. Mitiotic Slime

mitiotic slime

Mitiotic Slime is an incredible green creature. It’s about time that green got something real.

6. Redirect


It has the same mana cost as Counterspell, but it will often be better than counterspell. It’s better than Swerve and you can play it in mono blue. This spell doesn’t seem fair to me, but it’s not broken.

7. Reverberate


Reverberate is Fork. It’s the same thing. It’s also the same thing as Twincast, but it’s red. I think being red is a big improvement. Reverberate can easily counter counter spells, which is a lot better in red than blue, and it can help you kill the opponent with direct damage, which is a nice bonus.

8. Jace’s Ingenuity

jace's ingenuity

This is the perfect card draw spell for any control deck. I would even consider playing it in Bant.

9. Nantuko Shade

nantuko shade

I don’t know if anyone will actually play Nantuko Shade in a mono black deck. I would be tempted to play it in a Vampire deck, but it’s not a vampire.

10. Time Reversal

time reversal

The deck that can really use time reversal is an incredibly fast deck that can dump its hand before the opponent and use Time Reversal for card advantage. I don’t know if that deck exists right now, but Time Reversal is so darn cool that it has to be on my top 10 list.

Honorable Mention: Garruk’s Companion

garruk's companion

Garruk’s Companion is actually a decent green creature. I don’t know if any deck will actually play it, but mono green creatures are finally becoming fairly decent to compete with white. Yes, white tends to get better creatures than green, which pretty much defeats the whole point of playing green considering that white has great removal as well.

Honorable Mention: Day of Judgment

day of judgment

Day of Judgment is great, but it’s irrelevant. Why? Because it’s in Zendikar and Zendikar will leave the format after Magic 2012 is out. Any Zendikar reprints in Magic 2011 are irrelevant to Standard tournaments for this reason.


1. 神の一手 - July 9, 2010

Reverberate is not Fork. Fork made the copy red. That can have game implications.

There is a big discussion on MTGsalvation about ponder vs preordain. Some say it is worse cause you go two deep and are stuck with the 3rd card where as ponder lets you go three deep and if you don’t like it you get a random card. So it is not going to be an auto ban…it may be an auto include since there isn’t much better to use, although Top + fetchland = better.

Redirect is the best change the target spell ever. This can change a spell with many targets instead of just “Change the target of target spell with a single target.”

2. James - July 9, 2010

Good point about Reverberate. I forgot that Fork did that. Still, it is pretty close to being Fork.

Yes, this is why I said Redirect is better than Swerve. I guess I could have said why.

3. James - July 9, 2010

Originally Fork was a copy of a spell, which is why it stayed red. Those were the good old days.