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Arabian Nights 2 Previews Part 4 June 18, 2010

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, reviews, previews, speculation , trackback

There are three things I loved about Arabian Nights in particular. One, it has by far the best flavor. “Arabian Nights” is stylish, recognizable, and we can relate to it. Two, it has real world references. Three, it has fun wacky abilities. I think that all three of these characteristics can be found in the three Arabian Nights 2 land cards I will show today.

I also like how Arabian Nights cards often try to do something that represents what you’d expect it to do like in real life, such as how Bazaar of Baghdad could let you trade some merchandise for something else. Two of the cards below will embody the real-life-simulation feature at least to some extent.
pyramids of giza

Pyramids have to be awesome. There will be a ton of activated abilities in Arabian Nights to make sure that Pyramids of Giza don’t go to waste.
bazaar of cairo

Bazaar of Cairo can be a bit overpowered with broken artifacts, such as Sol Ring, Skull Clamp, or Black Lotus. Just like Bazaar of Baghdad, Bazaar of Cairo lets you trade items for something else.
tower of babel

Tower of Babel gets more powerful as the tower grows in size, but it will topple after it gets too large.


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