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Magic Core Set Predictions (Magic 2011 and Beyond) June 9, 2010

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , trackback

9th Edition gave us pain lands. 10th Edition gave us legendary creatures. Magic 2010 (M10) gave us new dual lands, planeswalkers, and half the set was new. We expect all core sets in the future to be like 2010 in that half the set will be “new,” and we also expect to see some gimmick that will help sell the set. We usually won’t see too many gimmicks at once because one gimmick is enough to boost sales. Too many would be overkill. I expect to see the following gimmicks in the following future core sets:

  1. Magic 2011 (M11): Enemy colored dual lands
  2. Magic 2012 (M12): Multicolor (gold) cards.
  3. Magic 2013 (M13): Hybrid multicolor cards.
  4. Magic 2014 (M14): Balanced power 9

Magic 2011: Enemy colored dual lands

yavimaya bog

We know they will come eventually, and the sooner the better. Why should my enemy color decks suffer? They need mana fixing as soon as possible.

Magic 2012: Multicolor (gold) cards.

desert storm

I’m not a big fan of gold cards, but lots of people are. Cool generic gold cards would fit into the core set quite perfectly.

Magic 2013: Hybrid multicolor cards.


Hybrid cards are like gold cards, but they tend to be a lot better. I like my cards to help me with mana fixing instead of require extra mana fixing.

Magic 2014: Balanced power 9

mox crystal

Everyone loves Moxes, Lotuses, and so forth. And we want them as much like the originals as possible. Core sets will eventually become a lot more like a fixed version of Beta and offer us a “fixed” version of the power 9. We will probably get some sort of five color mox, like Mox Crystal first, but eventually we will probably get a fixed mox of all five colors.


1. 神の一手 - June 9, 2010

seeing that the M10 duals are coming back in M11, I seriously doubt more new duals since rare lands are not super popular with the casual crowd. Once the M10 duals “rotate out”, we may see enemy colored duals in the core.

2. James - June 9, 2010

We need all the dual color combinations at once. It would be stupid to “only have” enemy duals.

They would be able to make Magic the right way if the duals were uncommon. I guess they could make weird uncommon enemy colored duals, but that sounds unlikely.

3. 神の一手 - June 10, 2010

Well, there is like a 3 month period where both Mx and Mx+1 are legal so if/when they make enemy duals like the M10 ones, there will be 3 months in standard where you can use both if they keep to the 5 rare lands per core set.

4. James - June 11, 2010

3 months? No good.

5. Johnny - July 4, 2011

Or they could reprint the friendly color dual lands in M12, and print the enemy colored ones in Inistrad so that we’d get both types until the following October.

6. Johnny - July 4, 2011

I mean, if they’re going to insist on putting lands in every set, they might as well not be basic lands. Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, and Revised all had the original dual lands, along with basic lands without any issue. When the idea of sets in blocks rolled around in Ice Age, only the largest of the three sets was saddled with basic lands. Each of the subsequent sets in the block would only have non-basic lands. But where will new players get lands, you ask? Why from a pre-constructed deck of one stripe or another, or from the Deckbuilder’s Toolkit, or from any gaming store that just leaves basic lands there for players to have, or from other players. The day that basic lands become a commodity is the day that Magic ceases to be Magic and becomes Yugioh with its utter lack of lands, but I digress.

7. James - July 5, 2011

Johnny, I’d rather have both at the same time in the core set. Otherwise we have to wait another few months to make the decks we want.

Basic lands have been a commodity for a while. They have almost always sold for about a penny each on ebay or more, and I bought a 5 row for $70 before.