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Drafting Rise of Eldrazi Part 5: Red/Black Control May 27, 2010

Posted by James in : all, reviews, strategy, tips, limited, draft , trackback

One of the most powerful decks you can make while drafting Rise of Eldrazi is a red/black deck jam packed with removal. This is much like the red/blue instant/sorcery themed deck I discussed earlier, but it makes use out of black removal. Two of the most important cards to get other than creature removal are the following:

surreal memoir

Surreal Memoir is the essential card to get if you want to make a red/black control deck. It will help you get creature removal twice more, which can have a game-winning impact on the game.

kiln fiend

Kiln Fiend isn’t essential, but it can be quite good in a deck full of creature removal.

A black/red control deck should have as much removal as possible. Red has the best removal, but black can help you kill the large creatures that red can’t deal with. You don’t necessary need a lot of creatures for the deck, but some large creatures can be especially helpful.


The red/black control deck doesn’t have a lot of cards specifically made for the theme in Rise of Eldrazi, but getting lots of removal and Surreal Memoir can end up providing you with a game winning deck.


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