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Drafting Rise of Eldrazi Part 3: Second Picks May 11, 2010

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Second picks are basically first picks that didn’t make my top 10 bombs or first picks list. I think many of these are significantly less good than the cards on my top 10 list, but they are still quite good.

1. Heat Ray

heat ray

Heat Ray is an instant fireball that can’t hit players. It is better than fireball half the time, but hitting players is very important, so it didn’t quite make my top 10.

2. Joraga Treespeaker

Joraga Treespeaker

Joraga Treespeaker is some of the best mana acceleration ever made. It will be ready to start making two bonus mana by the third turn.

3. Vendetta


Vendetta can be very painful, but it is great removal against any non-black creature with low power. (I hate all the non-black restrictions. Why not let you kill black creatures? Isn’t the pain enough?)

4. Corpsehatch


More non-black removal. This one isn’t as good as doom blade, but it can kill just about anything at least.

5. Beastbreaker of Balad Ged

Beastbreaker of Bala Ged

One of the best non-rare beat down creatures. It has a similar power level as Figure of Destiny.

6. Last Kiss

last kiss

Last Kiss can only kill small creatures, but at least it can kill any small creature.

7. Puncturing Light

Puncturing Light

Only killing small creatures that attack or block is a big drawback. You won’t always be able to kill what needs to be killed with it.

8. Smite


Might actually be better than Puncturing Light because you can kill big creatures with it, and it’s certainly better than Righteousness. I’m not that happy with it because I’ve lost games with no creatures in play and this card stuck in my hand.

9. Wall of Omens

wall of omens

A card that cycles and gives you a 0/4 wall at the same time. Quite powerful, but not really game winning.

10. See Beyond

See Beyond

Not much worse than Sign in Blood. I almost always save an extra land in my hand to get rid of with it.


The best common bomb is white, and the best uncommon bomb is blue, but the best common and uncommon first picks tend to be red or green. White and black got a few powerful second picks to help even things out. I know a lot of people love black in this set, but I am not convinced that it is the best color to play. So far it seems like it could be the worst.

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