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Drafting Rise of Eldrazi Part 2: First Picks April 27, 2010

Posted by James in : all, reviews, strategy, tips, limited, draft , trackback

When you draft a deck in Rise of Eldrazi, you might want to keep a specific strategy in mind, such as mana ramp, defender, instant/sorcery, or level up. However, before making a commitment, you should take the best cards you can. I have already discussed my 10 favorite cards for draft. In this article I will present my next 10 favorite commons and uncommons that will help me decide which colors to play.

My favorite common and uncommon first picks are the following:

1. Wildheart Invoker

Wildheart Invoker

A great creature by itself, but potentially game winning once you hit 8 mana.

2. Ulamog’s Crusher

Ulamog's Crusher

This is a bit expensive, but it’s incredibly powerful. It’s my favorite big Eldrazi in the set. Anything more expensive can be almost impossible to play. Throw one in your deck if you think you can get enough mana to play it. Best played in a green mana ramp deck.

3. Pelakka Wurm

Pelakka Wurm

An incredibly powerful creature. Could have easily been a rare bomb. The mana cost is high, but it shouldn’t be too hard to play in a green deck.

4. Lavafume Invoker

lavafume invoker

A great card for any aggro deck once you hit 8 mana, but even better in a token-themed deck.

5. Narcolepsy


The best creature removal in the entire set.

6. Flame Slash

flame slash

Possibly the best red creature removal ever made. Would have been better than Narcolepsy if it wasn’t for all the giant creatures in the set.

7. Staggershock


This can be better than char in the right circumstance. It can deal up to 4 damage to the opponent or kill two creatures. This card will tip some games to your favor all by itself.

8. Oust


A very decent creature removal spell.

9. Enclave Cryptologist

enclave cryptologist

Drawing all the cards you want can be quite helpful.

10. Forked Bolt

forked bolt

There are a lot of one toughness level-up creatures you will want to kill early game, and this is the perfect answer.


Red and green have the best first picks, but blue isn’t far behind. I didn’t see a single black card I want on this list, but white also got the short end of the stick.


1. Alex - April 29, 2010

Why did you mention just the red and green invokers when the blue and white ones are better? I suppose you could argue whether or not the blue one is better (I personally think it is), but the white one, Dawnglare Invoker, seems to be obviously superior to me. It’s the best common creature in my opinion, and the best common card besides the awesome removals you mentioed (Narcolepsy, Flame Slash, and Staggershock).

2. Alex - April 29, 2010

Nevermind, I didn’t notice that Dawnglare Invoker was on your “bombs” list. Touche. Although I think she’s a little bit too easy to remove to be called a bomb, but she’s definitely really really powerful.

3. James - April 29, 2010


I’ve won games with Dawnglare Invoker and almost nothing else I did was relevant. One game the opponent played an 8/8 trample and had a scary army, but it was all irrelevant.

I agree that it’s easily killed, but I still think it should be called a bomb.

The blue invoker doesn’t help blue much because there’s already enough invasion, but it can be very powerful in a green deck that splashes blue. I don’t think it’s good in the same universally awesome way these other invokers are.

4. Playa1 - May 6, 2010

You are so biased against Black which I was thinking up until now was indisputably the best color in RoE. It has real removal, not just ousts to mess up level-ups (not that oust is such a bad card — it is excellent, but why is Vendetta or Induce Despair worse?). Both Contaminated Swamp and Nighthaze are very cool low mana sorceries. Arrogant Bloodlord (or whatever it is called) is a 4/4 that takes only 3 mana. The black invoker is not a game-winner in and of itself, but it is one of a small handful of life-gain cards in the whole set. This doesn’t even count the legendary vampire. Black has decent Eldrazi spawn as well (not as good as red, but decent). The only thing it lacks is any totem enchantments and enchantment removal. It sucks playing mono-black and getting some wiked enchantments on you. All in all, I can’t help but draft black cards in this set, and I’m usually partial to blue and green.

5. James - May 6, 2010


Oust does not just mess up level ups. It can stop a creature for a couple of turns, which can be very important. If a deck mana ramps into a huge monster, they might not be able to play it again.

Oust is best in an aggro deck. You want to keep attacking the opponent and Oust can help you do so.

You might be right that Vendetta or Induce Despair are better, but neither are that great against big creatures. Induce Despair won’t do anything if you don’t have a creature in your hand.

Contaminated Swamp and Nighthaze don’t impress me that much. There are tons of good cards, but there’s no way I would want to take those for my first pick. If someone passes you one of those cards, it is not a signal.

Arrogant Bloodlord is OK, but it dies to just about anything. There are a lot of 0/1 tokens that will be happy to block it.

I like the black invoker, but I’m not convinced it should be on this list. Oust is the card I am the least certain about, but I think Oust is clearly better still.

Do you really think any of the cards you mentioned need to replace anything on this list? If so, what? If not, I don’t understand what you want to say. Based on this list, black is not the best color. There might be another reason black is good, but it’s not because of the top 10 first picks.