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Gold From Rise of Eldrazi Part 2 April 2, 2010

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, reviews, previews, speculation , trackback

I already showed how gold will be used for artifacts and lands, but what about creatures? I will show my predictions for three creatures here.

guul draz pirates

Guul Draz Pirates does exactly what we wanted pirates to do from the start: They steal money.

cliffhaven merchant

I already showed how we can have a “Bazaar” that sells items. The opposite could also exist: There can be merchants who buy things from you. Cliffhaven Merchant might be a little weak, but it gets the point across.

cliffhaven mercenary

Cliffhaven Mercenary shows a new creative way to use gold counters: As a quasi-mana cost. It can be paid in gold instead of mana.

All of these images are in the public domain. The art used used for Guul Draz Pirates is by Howard Pyle, the art used for Cliffhaven Merchant is by Jean-Léon Gérôme, and the art used for Cliffhaven Mercenary is by Carle Vernet.


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2. 神の一手 - April 2, 2010

gold counters sound like Wyvern…spells were cast by using your gold pile and you could steal gold from other players.

also, the wording on the merchant should say “at the beginning of your upkeep”.

3. James - April 2, 2010


Good point. Not sure how I made that mistake.