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Gold from Rise of Eldrazi Part 1 March 31, 2010

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, reviews, previews, speculation , trackback

Rise of the Eldrazi has shown that Wizards of the Coast likes Dungeons & Dragons. Levels will make Magic the Gathering a little more like Dungeons & Dragons, but a key component is still missing: Money. Gold counters are the perfect solution to the lack of money in the Magic universe. Gold counters are basically gold pieces or gold coins. You use them to buy things.

Although gold probably will not appear in the Rise of Eldrazi, I expect it to show up sooner or later.
I will show three cards today and three cards tomorrow.

gold mine

If gold counters are going to be part of the game, then we need a way to get them. Gold Mine is the best way to get them.


Treasure is the Lotus Petal for Gold counters.

bazaar of cairo

Bazaar of Cairo is exactly what a Bazaar should be: A way to buy stuff with your money. The money symbol symbolizes the fact that you have to spend a gold counter to use the ability.

Someone speculated that we might see gold counters for Zendikar to help represent “priceless treasures,” but gold will also be necessary to help fulfill the Dungeons and Dragons destiny for Magic.

All the art used for these cards are in the public domain. Gold Mine uses art from a painting by Charles Christian Nahl and Frederick August Wenderoth. Treasure uses art from a 1911 edition of Treasure Island. Bazaar of Cairo uses art by John Frederick Lewis.


1. Bob The Builder - April 1, 2010

how does Bazzar of Cairo let you spend your gold counters?

2. James - April 1, 2010

Bob, good point. I messed that one up and just thought about it a moment ago. It will be fixed in a moment.

3. 神の一手 - April 1, 2010

Gold Mine works well with one of today’s preview cards. The text is
At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have exactly 1 life, you win the game.

Nice way to lower your life total.

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