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Worldwake Review Part 1: Bombs (Limited) January 27, 2010

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The spoiler is now done and we already have pictures of the best draft/sealed bombs. Shards of Alara, M10, and Zendikar all seemed to allow bombs to affect the game to an extraordinary extent, and Worldwake has continued this trend. A “bomb” in my mind is a card that could pretty much win by itself. Here are my favorite eight bombs in Worldwake.

1. Dragonmaster Outcast

dragonmaster outcast

Scute Mob was extremely dangerous, but getting a Dragon every turn is even better. The only penalty is that you need 6 lands, which shouldn’t be too hard in Sealed or Draft.

2. Chain Reaction

chain reaction

Chain Reaction is the closest thing for red to get a Wrath of God. It will be easy to cast and will generally destroy all the opponent’s creatures. Of course, it might fail to destroy a very large creature, but this can be used to your advantage if you play a mana ramp deck.

3. Admonition Angel

admonition angel

Admonition Angel can be difficult to cast, but you never want to see it. If the opponent can’t kill it, they will probably lose. Remember to keep some extra lands in your hand when playing this in your deck, if possible.

4. Mordant Dragon

mordant dragon

Not as good as Flameblast Dragon, but that is hardly a fault. It can still pretty much win the game by itself.

5. Jace, the Mind Sculptor

jace the mind sculptor

Jace is very dangerous just because of the first ability. You can easily prevent the opponent from drawing good cards while making Jace bigger. Jace will be very difficult for the opponent to kill.

6. Wolfbriar Elemental

wolfbriar elemental
Wolfbriar Elemental would be decent without the Kicker, but the Kicker ability makes this card really scary. Five mana for a 4/4 might also be worth it and a 2/2 is icing on the cake. Anything more than that is bad news for the opponent.

7. Avenger of Zendikar

avenger of zendikar

This guy is mana heavy, but he barely made the cut to my favorite bombs. Making a lot of little creatures will often help you win, but making the creatures bigger is what makes Avenger of Zendikar a bomb.

8. Comet Storm

comet storm

X spells have always been worth playing and Comet Storm barely made the cut for that reason. It’s a bit mana heavy for an X spell, but it can be worth playing for 4 mana as creature removal.


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