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Worldwake Review Part 2: First Picks (Limited) January 28, 2010

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In order to prepare for the pre-release, it might help to consider which commons and uncommons you want. When you see these it can help you decide what colors to play. I call the best commons and uncommons “first picks” because they will tend to be the first cards you take during a draft. Here are my favorite 8 commons and uncommons: (more…)

Worldwake Review Part 1: Bombs (Limited) January 27, 2010

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The spoiler is now done and we already have pictures of the best draft/sealed bombs. Shards of Alara, M10, and Zendikar all seemed to allow bombs to affect the game to an extraordinary extent, and Worldwake has continued this trend. A “bomb” in my mind is a card that could pretty much win by itself. Here are my favorite eight bombs in Worldwake. (more…)

Worldwake: First Impressions January 25, 2010

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The spoiler is almost done and we are about 5 days away from the prerelease for Worldwake. I will take a look at the new abilities and some of my favorite cards. What do I think so far? The problem with Zendikar is that the commons and uncommons tended to be pretty unimpressive. That is not the case here. I am glad to see some great commons and uncommons for a change.

This article contains spoilers. (more…)

Who is Timmy? January 10, 2010

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We should all know who Timmy, Johnny, and Spike are. In particular, they all enjoy playing Magic for different reasons: