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My Top 10 Articles of 2009 December 30, 2009

Posted by James in : all, random , trackback

I have now had a website with regular updates for over a year. I was usually able to think of something I wanted to write every week, and I have no idea how I do it. It might not last forever. Not only have I had many updates, but sometimes I have something interesting to say. You probably don’t want to read everything that I write about, so I will let you know my favorite 10 articles of 2009.

1. Magic 2070 Card Previews

Predicting M70 took a lot of work, so you better enjoy it.

2. 100 Things I Learned from Magic the Gathering

Some people thought that only 20 things could be learned from Magic. I proved them wrong.

3. More Rules Updates We Need

I’m not against rules updates, but we didn’t see any of the updates I hoped for.

4. Wizards of the Coast Tried

Find out that Wizards of the Coast tried out some of my ideas, but they seem to be “ahead of their time.”

5. Unscrewed Part 4 Satanic Tutor

Another possible rules update that could revolutionize Magic.

6. Magic Etiquette Part 2

My current take on appropriate behavior.

7. 60 Years into the Future

How will Magic change within the next 60 years? Here is how I think the game will evolve.

8. Magic the Gathering is the Devil!

Some people think Magic is evil. I worry about their intelligence.

9. What is Type 3?

My proposal for a new kind of tournament.

10. Top 10 Articles of 2008

Same thing as this article, but for 2008. Just about everything I’ve ever wanted to say about Magic was said in four months (in 2008).


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