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My Top 10 Articles of 2009 December 30, 2009

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I have now had a website with regular updates for over a year. I was usually able to think of something I wanted to write every week, and I have no idea how I do it. It might not last forever. Not only have I had many updates, but sometimes I have something interesting to say. You probably don’t want to read everything that I write about, so I will let you know my favorite 10 articles of 2009. (more…)

Why We Like Magic December 20, 2009

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Mark Rosewater describes how different people play Magic for different reasons. He has three main categories of people who play it for different reasons: Timmy, Johnny, and Spike. Timmy wants to “experience something.” Johnny wants to be creative and express himself. Spike wants to play because of the competition. The problem with these categories is that Spike doesn’t good reason to play Magic instead of some other game, such as Poker, Chess, Go Fish, Uno, War, and so on. Spike can be competitive at other games, and Chess would actually reward his skill level more than Magic. Here are some real reasons to want to play Magic instead of the other games out there:

  1. The game looks cool.
  2. The game creates its own story.
  3. It helps to know what you are doing.
  4. There is a random element.
  5. You can make your own deck.


Magic the Gathering Etiquette Part 2 December 6, 2009

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This is a list of my personal etiquette rules for Magic: the Gathering. These are rules of thumb based on my personal experience. They are only rules to follow “if you want to have good etiquette” and/or “want to make Magic: the Gathering more fun.” (An obligation of etiquette is only a requirement to have good sportsmanship.) (more…)