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Unscrewed Part 9: Hypnotism (Unglued 3) October 20, 2009

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

Today’s Unscrewed cards show an idea that I didn’t think of myself: Triple hybrid. I actually did think of it myself at one point, but apparently other people also thought of it before me. Not really surprising. It’s just based on the idea that hybrid cards could give us even more options. You choose between three colors instead of just two.

I already mentioned that mana fixing is very important to Unscrewed. Hybrid a form of mana fixing. It helps give you something to cast in case you haven’t drawn all your colors yet.

Triple hybrid will probably exist one day, but it probably won’t happen until hybrid mana becomes normal. We only have three blocks that feature hybrid mana so far, but we should expect to see a lot more of it in the future.

My triple hybrid cards aren’t really that wacky. They are pretty serious cards that make use of a pretty wacky mechanic (triple hybrid mana symbols). Here are a few of my triple hybrid cards:

goblin farmer

There are five triple hybrid commons and they all have a “basic land” theme. Most of them are small creatures that can grow, but Goblin Farmer is merely a Goblin that eventually learns how to destroy land.

The commons were inspired by Scute Mob. I wanted 1/1 creatures for one mana that weren’t horrible. If Scute Mob could become extremely powerful given 5 lands, then triple hybrid creatures could become at least moderately powerful given 5 basic lands.
sky drake hatchling

Sky Drake Hatchling can grow into a full size Drake. Oh yeah, and it has flying twice. This means nothing given the current rules of Magic, but Unscrewed makes flying cumulative. Having flying twice makes it even harder to block because it can fly higher up in the air.


Hypnotism is one of the five uncommons that use triple hybrid mana. We’ve seen control magic like effects from all three of these colors, so Hypnotism seemed appropriate.

cowboy goblins

The artwork on Goblin Farmer is an altered painting by George Caleb Bingham, and it is in the public domain. The artwork used on Hypnotism is by Loba-Chan under a creative commons license. The artwork used on Sky Drake Hatchling is by Misti Hope Wudtke and it is also licensed under a creative commons agreement.



1. 神の一手 - October 20, 2009

one criticism is that these cards aren’t really un enough (not funny).

Hypnotism should be

“you control enchanted creature if its mana cost is 1G”

-You stole my Tarmogoyf

2. James - October 20, 2009

A lot of the cards in Unscrewed aren’t that funny, but I don’t think Unglued cards are always meant to be either. Some people will appreciate the zaneyness of triple hybrid. There is something funny about such a mechanic, and they fill in some needed design space to make the set flow properly.

3. James - October 20, 2009

I guess all un cards tend to be a bit over the top in silliness. I am more interested in the silliness of the mechanic than of the individual cards in this case.

The Drake’s double flying would especially add it to that category. I guess they might call it “high flying drake” or something like that. Goblin Farmer destroys the lands he tries to farm, which is fairly un-ish. Hypnotism is the least silly of these cards. Not sure what they would do with it, but I’m sure they would think of a more silly title or something.

4. 神の一手 - October 21, 2009

Right now, Hypnotism is a triple hybrid version of Threads of Disloyalty that can just get 1 mana cost creatures.

The largest creature it could steal is Phyrexian Dreadnaught.

The only way to not change the text and add funny would be in the flavor text.

I would want it to say “You sunk my battleship”, but it could say “you stole my Dreadnaught”. It still isn’t that funny if they don’t make the connection to the game though.

5. 神の一手 - October 21, 2009

Also, the wording is wrong (Enchant Creature is not the correct condition since it doesn’t do anything on a creature that doesn’t meet the condition). Plus it shouldn’t be able to be tutored for something that gets an “enchant creature” card since it should be “Enchant creature with converted mana cost 1″ which is a different condition.

Enchant creature with converted mana cost 1.
You control enchanted creature.