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Unscrewed Part 7: Bazaar of Cairo (Unglued 3) October 7, 2009

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

goblin prophetMy first Magic set, Awakening, was finished in 2007, over 2 years ago. My favorite new mechanic was a wacky fun idea: The untap symbol. It didn’t take me much longer to think of a similar mechanic: The doubletap symbol. I decided that this new mechanic could be used for Unscrwed (Unglued 3). The idea is that you can turn a card upside down to do something quite similar to how tapping permanents work. The difference is that you could doubletap a card, even if it was already tapped (but you can’t doubletap a creature if it is already upside down). The result is that we can get cards like Goblin Prophet, seen above. Goblin Prophet was one of the first cards I thought of that used the doubletap symbol.

doubletap untap symbols

Here are the rules for doubletap:

And now for the Unscrewed cards:

Merfolk Wizard

merfolk wizard
The main motivation behind doubletap is to be able to give creatures an extra activated ability. Tapping permanents tend to be used to limit how many times we can use activated abilities. Usually you can only use it once until you get another turn. Doubletap allows us to use abilities twice. You can use the tap ability and then the untap ability. The abilities can be a little bit weaker than usual without being a waste of time.

Merfolk Wizard is actually a pretty annoying card. The first ability can be used to ruin an opponent’s creatures every turn. The second ability is probably best used to keep her alive.

Bazaar of Cairo

bazaar of cairo

Bazaar of Cairo is an improved version of Bazaar of Baghdad. It was such a fun and zany card originally, but it was ruined by dredge. (It’s pretty powerful in Dredge Decks.) Bazaar of Cairo will allow us to have fun with Bazaar of Baghdad again, but it can produce mana. Oh yeah, and it can be used to draw cards the same turn you use it to get mana.

Why does it let us have fun without dredge? Because you can play it in Standard instead of extended (as long as un-cards are allowed). People could be encouraged to play the un-set in standard rather than vintage, and it would be a personal choice to comply. Of course, nonsanctioned tournaments could be made available for the cards to be played in standard as well.

The image used for Merfolk Wizard is by John William Waterhouse and it is in the public domain.

The image used for Bazaar of Cairo is by John Frederick Lewis and it is also in the public domain.



1. michael - October 8, 2009

Bazaar of Cairo is so much better than Baghdad it isn’t even funny. It doesn’t matter how many cards you make them add to the starting deck size, they can dredge the entire deck with that one card. And with Crop Rotation, expect unfun games. And since there is no Mana Burn, there is no draw back. It should have a City of Brass pain (on the draw/discard) since you can just dump your entire library with that one card in one turn.

Goblin Prophet can target himself (so after a larget Emtpy the Warrens storm you win). Not sure if that is intentional. Do you mean it to say “target goblin you do not control.”?

Merfolk Wizard’s second ability has a punctuation error. It has 2 periods instead of 1.

2. James - October 8, 2009

Yes, Bazaar of Cairo is better. That’s the point, but it will take several turns to dredge the entire deck. You seem to think that the doubletap symbol is the untap symbol. It isn’t. The whole point is that I thought of something new. In legacy dredge doesn’t need mana anyway, so that wouldn’t be relevant there.

Goblin Prophet makes sense as far as I can tell. You don’t win after Empty the Warrens. This isn’t the untap symbol. You can only tap to deal 1 damage each turn. Stealing your own creatures is not much of a problem.

I will have to fix Merfolk Wizard.