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Unscrewed Part 5: Blackest Lotus (Unglued 3) September 28, 2009

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

I have been working a lot on Unscrewed 3. I have thought of over 60 cards so far, but I want there to be at least 150 cards in the set when I am done.

blacker lotusI decided that I wanted to be able to play it in real life. One issue that I faced earlier was to think of new card mechanics that could be used on several cards. Instead of thinking of one strange idea for one card, I needed some ideas that could end up on several cards.

I want unscrewed to be something fun by itself but also fun as a bonus pack for a booster draft. The cards can’t be too overpowered, but they can be powerful.

Some of the things I want to exist in Unscrewed:

To see how I want the game to be balanced but ridiculous, take a look at these two cards:

blackest lotus

What does it mean to change your minimum deck size? Usually we need 60 cards in a deck. Blackest Lotus would make it so you need 90 cards in your deck instead.

Blackest Lotus allows a fairly balanced version of the most powerful card ever made. It’s a compromise between allowing a broken card during game play and keeping the game fair. It would unfortunately be really hard to play this during a draft, but I will make sure that it wouldn’t be impossible.
african elephant

Wizards of the Coast decided that real world references should be allowed, so African Elephants should be able to exist. Of course, that would allow a reference to a real place in the real world as well. (Real world references allow us to compare the power level of a fictional reality with the real world, so we know what we are dealing with.)
Blackest Lotus and African Elephant both demonstrate an attempt to continue the over the top nature of the original unglued set as well as a new card mechanic that would probably never see print.

The artwork on African Elephant is in the public domain and it was painted by Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert.



1. michael - September 28, 2009

I have a new card idea.

D&D Player BB (Cause we all know D&D is evil)
Creature - Human Gamer
You may have as many D&D Players as you want in your deck.
For each D&D player in play, all other Gamers get +1/+0.
“I cast Magic Missile…at the Darkness.”

2. michael - September 28, 2009

Or the flavor text could be “Where is the Mountain Dew?”

3. James - September 28, 2009

That’s too powerful for a D&D player.

4. Wladimir Oda Petroski - April 11, 2011

I think that you may put something like: if u don’t have 90 (or 70, in a limited event) you lose the game. on da blacker lotus text.

5. James - April 13, 2011

Wladimir, the deck size change is pre-game. Are you talking about the size of your library?