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Zendikar Review Part 2: Standard (Type 2) September 27, 2009

Posted by James in : all , trackback

Zendikar has a lot of great cards that will be worthy of constructed play. There are cards that will be good in vintage, legacy, extended, and standard. Here are my ten favorite Zendikar cards for standard:

10th Place: Goblin Guide

goblin guide

Such a lovable card, but it’s hard to say if anyone will play it. I want to try it in red deck wins, but I haven’t done the math to see if the deck is viable or not yet.

9th Place: Spell Pierce

spell pierce

I love one casting cost counter spells, and Spell Pierce is a good one. This is one of the better counter spells we’ve seen for a while, but it’s hard to say if it’s good enough for standard.

8th Place: Luninarch Ascension

luminarch ascension

A great way to get everyone in multiplayer to kill you immediately, but also great in a 5 Color Control deck.

7th Place: Vines of Vastwood

vines of vastwood

Vines of Vastwood is the best green counter spell and the best green giant growth combined into one card. If this isn’t played main deck, then it will be played in the sideboard.

6th Place: Day of Judgment

day of judgment

Wrath of God isn’t as good as it used to be. Walls and Volcanic Fallout were played instead of Wrath of God in five color control decks, but I’m sure some deck will still find a use for Day of Judgment.

5th Place: Archive Trap

archive trap

Yes, there will be a mill deck used in standard. I know someone who played a mill deck not too long ago and this would be perfect in his deck.

4th Place: Summoning Trap

summoning trap

A great sideboard card for a creature heavy deck.

3rd Place: Harrow


Harrow was good without landfall. With landfall it is really good.

2nd Place: Lotus Cobra

lotus cobra

Lotus Cobra will probably be used in Jund and/or Naya. I don’t think it is quite as good as other people think, but it is the best green creature we’ve seen in a while. You need a deck around it for it to work.

1st Place: Fetch Lands

scalding tarn

There’s almost no escaping the fetch lands. Almost every deck will use them. They will be perfect in a deck using Lotus Cobra.


1. Luke - November 20, 2009

Obvious stuff. Mill decks are terrible for the most part, unless luck brings them to a win. Lotus Cobra is a real laugh. I’ve been testing decks with it for weeks, and Lotus Cobra RARELY if ever proves effective. Hype.