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Perverse Sexuality Art Awards September 15, 2009

Posted by James in : all, random , trackback

reversal of fortuneSome parents complained that the artwork on some Magic cards were too sexy. They didn’t want their children to know that human beings could be attractive or wear bikinis. This is the wrong way of thinking. What parents should complain about is when the artwork isn’t sexy enough. If children aren’t exposed to sexy pictures, they might attribute sexuality to something kind of scary. These scary pictures all compete for the Perverse Sexuality Art Awards. (Some perverse cards were already shown on my Easter Eggs post.)

Top 5 Cards with Perverse Sexuality Artwork

Fifth Place: Willow Faerie

willow faerie

Willow Faerie was the first card I realized had scary artwork. I thought the picture was of a woman showing off her legs for months before I figured it out.

willow faerie

Fourth Place: Sphinx of the Steel Wind

sphinx of the steel wind

It has become a prerequisite for Sphinx art to show off their cleavage. Why? I don’t want to see anything there on a scary looking bird woman, thank you very much.

Third Place: Inkfathom Infiltrator

inkfathom infiltrator

She has a nice figure, but closer examination reveals her to have a scary zombie face. Thank you for letting me know that zombie women can have a nice figure. That’s something I’ve always wanted to know about.

Second Place: Wren’s Run Packmaster

wren's run packmaster

Wow, a scantily clad anorexic girl. Thank you for that image. Lorwyn was the land of anorexic elf girls.

First Place: Faerie Macabre

faerie macrabre

And Faerie Macrabre is the winner! A malnourished sickly anorexic girl. That’s something I want to see.

faerie macrabre



1. Mike Ramirez - September 18, 2009

On the Faerie Macabre, you forgot to mention the leg going from remotely human to reverse hinged insect like monstrosities.