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Magic Malarkey Webcomic Episode 2 August 25, 2009

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This is a spoiler

Warning: This comic contains a confirmed Zendikar spoiler

magic the gathering webcomic


1. michael - August 26, 2009

you knew it was coming. they probably got one too many letters saying “I don’t like seeing ‘Wrath of God’ as a card in this game”. So they had to take it out of the core to change the name so it can be in Magic 2011.

I guess they could have just changed the name for 2010, but this gives a couple months of no WoG in Standard. But it does open up a 12 Wrath.deck for casual play, the deck just needs a way to turn non-creatures into creatures like Opalescence.

2. James - August 26, 2009

Also why they did this: To make regeneration better and make removal more elegant. There’s more “anti regeneration” stuff than regeneration stuff. Certainly more worth playing. Remove from the game/exile is a more elegant solution against regeneration.

Who do you think disliked the card so much?

One more reason I don’t like it: Just like we need to buy a new set of dual lands for 10 dollars each, now we will have a new set of Wrath of Gods to buy for about 20 dollars each.