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Magic Malarkey Webcomic Episode 1 August 20, 2009

Posted by James in : all, webcomic , trackback

magic malarkey

I made several webcomics for Dragon Warrior a while back but got burned out. I wondered for a while about what I would want a Magic: the Gathering webcomic to be like, and it was only recently that I came up with some ideas. I know that there are already some Magic webcomics out there, but they certainly don’t live up to Knights of the Dinner table, which is pretty much what I want it to be like.

Knights of the Dinner table is the best Dungeons and Dragons/tabletop RPG comic that I know of and I have spent a great deal of money collecting them all. Unfortunately the comic is becoming more of a drama than a comedy.

I will make a few webcomics and see what happens. If people like them I might keep it up.

magic the gathering comic 1


1. michael - August 20, 2009

Your comic should have used Beta images since you are time jumping 15 years. Other than that, nice work for magic: the addiction.

2. Will Harris - August 20, 2009


3. James - August 20, 2009

Revised edition came out in 1994: http://www.wizards.com/magic/advanced/1_2_3e/Revised.asp

4. michael - August 21, 2009

well, it was April of 94 so the set was still new. It would be more likely the players at the table would have Unlimited cards then, since it is now August. I still say Beta would look cooler.

5. michael - August 21, 2009

Also, with unlimited cards, you can have them say stuff like, “I tap my mono artifact to play this continuous artifact. Then with my lands, I activate this Poly Artifact.” Then the observer would get really confused.

6. James - August 22, 2009

The comic is based loosely on reality. There were mostly revised cards around that I saw.