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New Power 9 Artwork & Proxies August 12, 2009

Posted by James in : all , trackback

Wizards of the Coast has been giving new artwork for the power 9 as prizes and some people on the mtgsalvation forums have been making their own proxies using the new artwork.

timetwister mox jet

mox ruby mox pearl

black lotus ancestral recallmox sapphire mox sapphiremox emerald timewalk

However, Wizards of the Coast doesn’t have alternate artwork for the entire power 9 quite yet. For this reason J.M.F. and Astrospoon (Andy Hull) have been working on their own versions of the power 9. The art for Mox Sapphire was made by J.M.F and Timewalk & Mox Emerald were made by Astrospoon.

mox sapphire

mox emerald

I thought the artwork for Mox Sapphire looked too much like real life, so I decided to make my own art for the card using art from J.M.F. and David Luong:
mox sapphire


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