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Budget Decks Part 2: Legacy (Type 1.5) Red Burn August 10, 2009

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Legacy (Type 1.5) is a tournament type that allows all cards from normal Magic sets except the most over-powered cards, such as the power 9. The best way to make the most powerful deck possible is to make a Legacy deck because it allows cards from every normal Magic set ever made. The best way to make the least expensive deck is to make a Legacy deck because older cards tend to be worth less. People only want the newest cards because the most popular tournaments only allows us to use cards from the newest sets. If you want to make a budget red deck for standard (type 2) tournaments, go here.

I have already made suggestions for how to make a great budget red deck. Now I will discuss the best options for making the best budget legacy red decks in more detail.

I will discuss four categories of cards: Good, better, and best. You will ideally try to make a deck with most of the best cards possible, but good cards might be good enough to beat your friends in casual games. I will also discuss expensive cards that you might eventually want to get for your deck.


price of progress

If you play against serious Magic players who play a lot of nonbasic lands, then Price of Progress is a must have. It might not be so important in casual games against your friends.


Fireblast is one of the best red cards. Ever.

lightning bolt

Lightning bolt is so good that a deck with only lightning bolts can be a very good idea.

shard volleylava spikerift bolt

Lightning bolt wannabe cards are a very good idea.

goblin grenade

If you are playing around 12 Goblins, then you should probably play a few Goblin Grenades in your deck.


keldon marauders

Keldon Marauders is one of the best cards on the “better” list. You usually get 5 damage for only two mana.


Incinerate is very expensive for a lightning bolt, but it might fit well in your mana curve.

spark elemental

Spark Elemental is one of the most risky lightning bolt wannabe, but it might be worth playing.

jackal pup

A 2/1 for one mana is more than you should expect, but it isn’t quite as impressive as it used to be.

tattermunge maniac

Tattermunge Maniac is perfect against noncreature decks. You will want to destroy any creatures get would get in his way and survive.

gorilla shaman

Destroys artifact lands, moxes, and other 0 casting cost artifacts for only 1 mana each. Probably more appropriate in your sideboard unless you want to make a vintage (type 1) deck.


goblin cadets

Goblin Cadets are a little worse than Tattermunge Maniac. You want to destroy the opponents’ potential blocking creatures so that it can attack. Best used against noncreature decks.

orcish conscriptsjackal familiar

You need a lot of creatures in your deck to make these worth playing.

goblin cohortmogg conscripts

You need even more creatures to make these work. I wouldn’t play these in a deck unless I had at least 28 creatures in it.

mogg flunkies

One of the few 2 drops for your mana curve, but it requires you to play a lot of creatures.

martyr of ashes
A great creature to sideboard in against creature decks, but best used if you play almost all direct damage.

flames of the blood handflame javelinchar

4 damage for three mana is very effecient in casual games, but it isn’t the best considering everything else out there.

Expensive Cards

Someday you might want something better than a budget deck. Although red burn might not need anything expensive, some of these cards might help.

grim lavamancer

Grim Lavamancer is probably the best expensive card you can add to a legacy burn deck.

chain lightning

The best way to make a lightning bolt deck is to play every single card that deals 3 damage for one mana. Chain Lightning is one of the best cards that does that.

ball lightning

Ball Lightning is not the most efficient card in legacy red, but it might fit your mana curve. I wouldn’t want more than three or four cards in the deck with three casting cost.

goblin lackey

It’s an uncommon and it’s worth around $10 for a reason.

siege gang commander

This is why you play Goblin Lackey.

An Example Budget Red Deck

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Fireblast
4 Price of Progress
4 Shard Volley
4 Rift Bolt
4 Lava Spike
4 Keldon Marauders
4 Spark Elemental
4 Incinerate
20 Mountain


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