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Obnoxious Ebay Buyers Roam Free August 2, 2009

Posted by James in : all, ebay help , trackback

I am a bit of an ebay addict and my overall experience is positive, but it isn’t perfect. I want to share with you something about ebay that can be improved.

The Problem

Now that sellers can no longer leave negative feedback, obnoxious ebay buyers can roam free. This is a lot worse than it sounds and I won’t give away all of the details. (I don’t want to give anyone ideas.) However, I will tell you about my first highly obnoxious ebay buyer.

  1. I sold two Magic: the Gathering decks for around $80 on July 17th.
  2. The day before I sent the item (July 20th), I was sent an email that asked, “When are you going to send the item?” I told him, “Tomorrow.”
  3. I sent it via priority mail the next day (July 21st) and gave him positive feedback to let him know it was sent.
  4. Then on July 23rd he asked paypal for his money back and said he never got the item. (He actually got the item on July 23rd, but he tried to get his money back early in the morning. I was still awake from the night before and found out about the complaint around 3:00 am.) The buyer expected to get the item the day after I sent it and didn’t even give the usual 7 days for the item to be shipped in the first place. At this point in time Paypal froze the $80 in my account and decided I couldn’t have it yet.
  5. I gave PayPal the tracking information to prove I sent the item.
  6. Then on July 28th Paypal ruled in my favor.

The most important point I am making is that there is nothing we can do about obnoxious or scammer buyers on ebay. Not only are you supposed to give positive feedback after getting payment (the buyer completed his side of the bargain), but you are no longer allowed to give negative feedback to buyers. At all. There’s simply nothing we can do about buyers like this.

A minor point to be made is that buyers can try to get their money back right after they pay for the item. That allows for completely inappropriate behavior, like what I experienced.


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