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Drafting Magic 2010 Part 2: White July 23, 2009

Posted by James in : all, reviews, strategy, tips, limited, draft , trackback

This article will continue my discussion of Drafting Magic 2010. I already reviewed the first picks and second picks. Here are the other best commons and uncommons to look for when playing white:

First Picks

Second Picks

Decent Cards

armored ascension

Armored Ascension is a great card and might be better described as a second pick. It can be a little dangerous to play because you might end up giving your opponent a two for one. In a mono white deck, this card is a first pick. In a mostly white deck, this card is easily a second pick.

blinding mage

Blinding Mage can be worth taking as a first pick, but there are a lot better cards to hope for. It is basically a removal spell that can be easily killed.


Righteousness is basically creature removal, but you just hope that the opponent doesn’t kill your creature in response.

stormfront pegasus

Great aggro creature with flying.

white knight

Great in mono-white or even mostly white decks, but you hope you can play it by the fourth turn in a two color deck.

Mentionable Cards

celestial purge

Celestial Purge was almsot a first pick in Alara draft, but it isn’t as good in M10. It might be better than I think, but it only works against red and/or black decks.

rhox pikemaster

Rhox Pikemaster wants you to play a lot of soldiers, but it is worth playing by itself.

veteran swordsmith

Veteran Armorsmith is playable by itself, but it isn’t anything special unless you play more soldiers.

veteran armorsmith

Veteran Armorsmith is awesome in a mono white or mostly white deck, but the two white mana make you think twice before putting it in a two color deck.


I don’t know of any great combos in white, but white is one of the best colors overall. We have incentive to play mono-white decks, but certain cards also give you incentive to start taking white even if you weren’t beore, such as Serra Angel. White has some of the best creatures, fliers, and removal.


1. alexgcuevas - July 24, 2009

lol, I would actually switch every single one of your “decent cards” with your “second pick” cards here. I find all 4 of those to be playable but mediocre. Excommunicate and Elite Vanguard are strong in really aggressive decks, but those are hard to find in this removal-heavy, bomb-heavy format.

Divine Verdict on the other hand, is of course removal, and thus solid, but is conditional and expensive. I would very much prefer the Blinding Mage, which I consider a very powerful common almost at the level of Pacifism. Not only can it lock down things like other Blinding Mages, but also kills ice cages, illusionary servants, and can change targets. I would mark this as a very top pick for white, along with stormfront pegasus (vulnerable to pingers, but far stronger than elite vanguard due to its evasion).

As for Righteousness, it pretty much says “destroy target attacking creature”, except for 1 mana, so it’s better than divine verdict IMO.

2. James - July 24, 2009

Good points Alex. I am still afraid to play Righteousness to some extent because you can give the opponent a two for one, and you don’t always want or have a blocker.

3. alexgcuevas - July 24, 2009

I perhaps am still giddy from my pwnage of a gorgon-flailed enormous baloth at the hands of a viashino spearhunter and a righteousness ^^ (from the launch party). Or from the time my friend blocked an alpha strike with a palace guard, followed by righteousness. Saucy.