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Drafting Magic 2010 Part 1: Green July 21, 2009

Posted by James in : all, strategy, limited, draft , trackback

When you draft M10, it’s a good idea to make a two color deck. You can have a main color and a secondary color. I have already discussed what cards to look for when you take first picks or second picks. Now I will discuss other decent and mentionable commons and uncommons to look for in each color.


First Pick Uncommons & Commons

Second Picks

Decent Cards

howl of the night pack

In a mono green deck, Howl of the Night Pack can be a bomb and win the game by itself. Otherwise it is merely a decent card. One of my best drafts had three of these. I took one the first pick anticipating that I would end up with a mono green deck and it worked out very well.

Rampant Growth is very good mana fixing and mana acceleration.

borderland ranger

A two for one mana fixing/bonus mana card.

Mentionable Cards Uncommons & Commons

acidic slime

A two for one that opponents don’t like to see.

entangling vines

Bad creature removal… but it’s still creature removal.

I thought Wizards of the Coast didn’t want any more real world references in the game, so I don’t know how this slipped through. Still a decent card for no reason other than the fact that there aren’t a lot of big common creatures in the set.

craw wurm

See above, but needs trample.

deadly recluse

Makes the opponent think twice before attacking you.

A decent combat trick.


Combos in M10 limited events tend to play a big role. The most important combo in green is Gorgon Flail and Prized Unicorn.

prized unicorngorgon flail


There are two common reasons to play green:

  1. To play a mana ramp deck.
  2. To get uncommon bombs (Overrun and Howl of the Night Pack)

Bombs in Magic 2010 tend to be very important and far beyond the power level of anything else. There are many powerful cards which have about a 50% chance of automatically winning you the game. This is even more true with green. Overrun can’t be compared to Serrra Angel because it pretty much just wins the game immediately. Green’s best uncommons are far beyond anything else.

Combos are also very important, and Prized Unicorn/Gorgon Flail is worth a try. I did it once and highly recommend it.


1. Erez - July 23, 2009

They also kind of failed making it a fantasy world when they started quoting real people again.