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Magic 2010 Review Part 3: Top 14 New Cards for Standard July 14, 2009

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Update (7-17-2009): Added Honor the Pure and dual lands to the list

The point of this review is to take a look at the best new cards in Magic 2010 for Standard (that we don’t already have in Standard). For example, we already have Ajani Goldmane and Birds of Paradise, so they aren’t worth mentioning. Essence Scatter also doesn’t count because it’s the same thing as Remove Soul. However, the card could be a reprint that we simply haven’t seen for a while.

14th Place: Darksteel Colossus

darksteel colossus

I doubt anyone will play Darksteel Colossus in Standard, but it might show up in Extended.

13th Place: Krosan Behemoth

krosan behemoth

Now that Wrath of God is gone Shroud is one of the best abilities you can get. If Krosan Behemoth will ever played, it’s now.

12th Place: Master of the Wild Hunt

master of the wild hunt

Master of the Wild Hunt is like a powerful green Tim (pinger), but it is probably too fragile to be worthy of Standard tournaments.

11th Place: Great Sable Stag

great sable stag

Probably not good enough to put in a deck, but it is possibly good enough to play in a sideboard. It’s still a bit slow to play against a Faerie deck. Overall, Troll Ascedic would be better. Not only is regeneration gone, but it’s even more difficult to deal with untargetable creatures now that Wrath of God is gone.

10th Place: Planar Cleansing

Planar Cleansing is probably not currently going to be played because it is the perfect card for a white control deck, which doesn’t currently exist.

9th Place: Harm’s Way

harm's way

Harm’s Way is a great removal spell, but I’m not sure if it is good enough be played right now.

8th Place: Tendrils of Corruption

tendrils of curruption

Tendrils of Corruption is perfect for a mono-black deck, but I don’t know if mono-black will make it to Standard anytime soon.

7th Place: Earthquake


I don’t know if there is a deck that will use Earthquake, but it’s a great card. Now that Wrath of God is gone, this card is even better due to the fact that it’s a great sweep effect.

6th Place: Ball Lightning

ball lightning

Someone will try to make a good mono (or semi-mono) red deck again now that Ball Lightning and Lightning Bolt are back. I don’t know if the deck will be one of the best decks, but it will be played.

5th Place: Honor the Pure

honor the pure

I’m sure this deck will be in some tokens decks. Basically replaces Glorious Anthem in some decks that use it.

4th Place: Baneslayer Angel

baneslayer angel

Baneslayer Angel is so powerful that I would be tempted to put it in any deck that could play it. This is the perfect sideboard card against any deck lacking creature removal.

3rd Place: New Dual Lands

glacial fortress

Although I pretty much hate dual lands and agree with casual players that they aren’t anything special, I still liked pain lands more than these. However, these are decent enough to use and I guarantee you that we will have to get them for our multicolor decks. This is one reason I generally try to make mono-color decks. Dual lands end up being more expensive than everything else in the deck combined.

2nd Place: Doom Blade

doom blade

I can guarantee that some decks will play Doom Blade. Some people were already playing Terror, and this card is better.

1st Place: Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is still slightly over-powered and it will be played in just about every deck with red in it.


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