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Infinity: A Future Magic Set Part 2 June 26, 2009

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Before reading this, you should take a look at Part 1.

What exactly will Magic look like 50 years from now? I’m not going to show my entire Infinity set here, but I will show enough cards that can give you a pretty good idea what the game will look like. (The rule of thumb: Four casting cost cards will have one casting cost instead.)

The following cards in this article are all commons from Infinity. The white infinity set symbol is the common symbol:


bogardan meteor

I originally wanted a cycle of cards like this that do something completely ridiculous with basic land types. Part of the idea was to benefit players for playing mono-colored decks, and part of the idea was that I didn’t expect the game to last longer than a few turns. However, they proved to be over-powered. Instead of making their abilities weaker, I decided to make them a bit different. I still like the idea of ridiculous one casting cost X spells, and I posted some more balanced ideas here, which are meant to reflect what Magic will look like 60 years from now.


bogardan meteor

Instead of being a one casting cost X spell, I decided to make a cycle of cards that are twice as good when you control a basic land of the appropriate type. That said, some people still worry that this card might be too powerful. Losing two lands for only one mana is completely rediculous, but lands tend to be relatively unimportant 50 years in the future.

llanowar channeler

One of the most exciting prospects of Infinity is the possibility of 0 casting cost spells. Once cards are super powerful, 0 casting cost spells can also do something interesting. 0 casting cost spells still need to be best when played in a deck of the right color. (Kobolds are not a good example of this.) Llanowar Channeler could be played in any deck, but it could end up dealing 2 damage to you. The green mana it can produce also encourages it to be played in a green deck.

vesuvan master

When I first decided to make Infinity, I expected to see only one or two 1/1 creatures, but 1/1 creatures ended up being more plentiful than ever. They just tend to have completely awesome abilities. Vesuvan Master probably has the most powerful of the 1/1 creature abilities. Some people have complained about it being over-powered, but with so many 0 casting cost and 1 casting cost spells, you should be able to play some spells with it in play.

The picture used for Bogardan Meteor is by NASA and it is in the Public Domain.

The image on Llanowar Channeler is by Norma Peters and it is licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling 1.0 License.

The image on Vesuvan Wizard is by rainstormangel and it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


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3. James - June 26, 2009

I hope everyone knows about this by now. It caused instability on twitter from all the commotion. I don’t plan on talking about it because I use this blog strictly for Magic related articles. (Ebay counts since that is the main shopping experience.) Anyway, here is a link to the article: go here