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Magic the Gathering FAQ June 30, 2009

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Find out the answers to important questions, such as: How can I play Magic on the internet for free? How can I get free Magic Cards? What is the best budget deck I can make? How can I make my own cards?

After answering some questions on Yahoo Answers!, I noticed that some questions are more popular than others. Here are the answers to some of these questions. (more…)

How Ebay Customer Support Caused Pain June 27, 2009

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I have had some success with ebay’s customer support, but no luck this week. As an ebay seller, you are required to sell the items that a buyer wins. If sellers refuse to, that would ruin the whole point of having auctions. As buyers we want to get a good deal. If sellers can shrug us off, then whenever we get a good deal, they will just say, “Sorry, but I want to keep the items to sell them for more!” (more…)

Infinity: A Future Magic Set Part 2 June 26, 2009

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Before reading this, you should take a look at Part 1.

What exactly will Magic look like 50 years from now? I’m not going to show my entire Infinity set here, but I will show enough cards that can give you a pretty good idea what the game will look like. (The rule of thumb: Four casting cost cards will have one casting cost instead.) (more…)

Why Aggro Decks Are Terrible June 23, 2009

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winter orbI have made great creature-based aggro (aggressive) decks for years, but it has become increasingly more difficult to make a good aggro deck. You’d think Lorwyn would have been the ultimate savior of aggro with the huge power creep for creatures, but Wizards has simply not realized something: They can make creatures with almost unlimited power, and it won’t make a difference. The problem isn’t that creatures aren’t good enough. The problem is that anti-control is nonexistent. (more…)

Infinity: A Future Magic Set June 19, 2009

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In October 2008 I decided to make a satirical article series, The Power Creep, about what Magic will be like 50 years in to the future.

Then around February 2009 I started making an entire Magic set based on the Power Creep articles. I was very curious and perhaps a bit power hungry. What would Magic be like 50 years from now if my predictions were correct? What if moxes and Black Lotus were no longer over-powered? I wanted to know. (more…)

Unscrewed Part 4: Satanic Tutor June 16, 2009

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shared fateOne rule I don’t like: You can’t have another player’s cards in your hand. There is nothing fun about this rule and it limits design space. This is rule 217.1a:

If an object would go to any library, graveyard, or hand other than its owner’s, it goes to its owner’s corresponding zone. If an instant or sorcery card would come into play, it remains in its previous zone.


More Rules Updates that We Need June 14, 2009

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There are more rules updates starting with M10 (Magic 2010) that haven’t been mentioned yet, and I will mention some of the rules that I wanted changed. Here is what Mark L. Gottlieb had to say concerning the M10 rule updates: (more…)

Magic 2010 Rules Updates & Dual Lands June 12, 2009

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Updated (June 26, 2009)

There have been many rules changes to M10 (Core Set Magic 2010) and a few cards have been previewed. You can see the rules changes here. They will be effective when Magic 2010 is released (prereleased) on July 11, 2009. I will discuss the new dual lands, and each of the new changes here. (more…)

Magic 2070 Card Previews June 9, 2009

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Here are all the latest Core Set previews:

electrocute m60 fake magic cardI posted about a couple of these preview articles earlier, but I decided I could show them all in a single place.

The power creep continues. Although the power level of cards can sometimes decrease, they tend to become more powerful as time goes on.

The power creep has been apparent starting with Kird Ape, and now continues with cards such as Wild Nacatl and Bloodbraid Elf. (more…)

Drafting Alara Reborn Part 6: Esper June 1, 2009

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The best cards for Esper in Alara Reborn when you draft SCA (Shards/Conflux/Reborn). (more…)