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Drafting Alara Reborn Part 4: Jund May 27, 2009

Posted by James in : all , trackback

What are the best cards for Jund (red-green-black) in Alara Reborn, when drafting SCA (Shards/Conflux/Reborn)?


First Picks

Second Picks

Decent Cards

A 4/4 for two mana. This should probably be a second pick instead of merely a “decent card.” (All second picks can be worth taking as a first pick in many situations.)

Jund Hackblade might be closer to a second pick than a “Decent Card.” Haste isn’t bad and it is very easy to play in a Jund deck. (All second picks can be worth taking as a first pick in many situations.)

Deathtouch is a decent ability, and all the blades are decent. Could be worth taking as a first pick.

The worst of the blades, but still more than worth playing.

A potential two-for-one. Could be worth taking as a first pick.

Mentionable Cards

A potential two-for-one, but still quite a bit worse than any of the above cards. Sometimes this card might not make the cut into your deck.

A comes-into-play-tapped-dual-land.

A comes-into-play-tapped-dual-land.

A pretty big creature.

A pretty big creature, but not as good as the above cards.

Mana fixing, but probably the worst card mentioned in this article.


Jund gets a lot of the best cards Naya gets, plus some great black-red removal: Slave of Bolas, Bituminous Blast, and Terminate. Jund has nothing with devour worth mentioning. (No, Gorger Wurm doesn’t really count. I have never devoured anything with Gorger Wurm, and if I did, it wouldn’t be game-breaking.) So, what is the point of Jund? Powerful cards. Play much of the best removal and creatures. Overall, Jund gets the second place. It is just about as good as Naya.



1. michael - May 28, 2009

In triple Reborn, Defiler of Souls is not as good as in Shards block. It is still good, but not ridiculous since all creatures are multicolored.

2. James - May 28, 2009

Right, this is primarily about drafting SCA. In triple reborn, I doubt cards with a high mana cost are as good in general. I don’t know if I should discuss triple Reborn since it isn’t very popular. I haven’t even had a chance to play it yet.