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Drafting Alara Reborn Part 3: Bant May 25, 2009

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The cards to look for if you want to make a good Bant deck when drafting SCA (Shards/Conflux/Reborn). The first picks have already been discussed, so I will concentrate on the decent cards and mentionable cards that you will want in your bant deck.


First Picks

Second Picks

Decent Cards

Lorescale Coatl keeps getting bigger. This is exactly the kind of creature you want for your deck. In some situations this can be worth taking as a first pick.

Card advantage and a great card to go with exalted. (Flying with exalted helps you punch the opponent in the face.)

A comes into play tapped dual land.

A comes into play tapped dual land.

Mentionable Cards

Flying can be very good with exalted. It’s worth playing even without exalted.

Nulltread Gargantuan isn’t my favorite card, but it can be decent with creatures that have a comes into play ability, or to save a creature from a Crystallization.

Trace of Abundance isn’t as good in a bant deck, but it can be worth playing if you are primarily playing a white-green deck, or in dire need of mana acceleration.

Leonin Armorguard doesn’t work very well with exalted, but there isn’t much exalted worth using in Alara Reborn anyway.


Bant lacks much of the greatness of Naya with little to show for it. Bant has 17 cards that are mentionable or better, and Naya has 25.

Part of the problem is that many white-blue cards are made exclusively for Esper decks. (You could have an artifact theme in a Bant deck, but it won’t be as impressive.) However, there are some great cards made for bant decks: Wall of Denial, Winged Coatl, and Lorescale Coatl.

Despite the fact that Bant is a Naya-wanna-be, it is still probably the second best deck choice in general. There are more first picks for making a Naya or Bant deck than anything else.

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