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How Ebay’s Prostores Failed May 3, 2009

Posted by James in : all, reviews , trackback

ebay's prostoresI have an ebay store that sells magic decks.

Selling on ebay is super expensive. You pay about 20% of all money you make to ebay, which means if you make 20% profit you are making no money. This isn’t the best way to make money, so it is a good idea to open a webstore for your business (if you have one.) Ebay created Prostores to make it easy to sell items with your own webstore. So easy that people can buy your ebay items from your prostore website.

I like the idea of having a webstore that can also have my ebay items and I got a free trial to see if it would do me many good. I wanted to start the store with just my ebay items, but my store said that everything was out of stock. My ebay buy it now items were supposed to show up on my webstore, but they weren’t. I called customer support, but it was no help. I was told that there would be an investigation. It just so happens that today is the day before I will be billed for a month, so I had no choice but to cancel my store.

The details you probably don’t want to know

One of the great features of Prostores is that ebay will let people use your webstore to pay for their ebay items. That way they can find out that you have a store to buy things at. The first prostores problem was that many of my ebay customers couldn’t pay for their items. One customer said that the item was out of stock and couldn’t be sold.
Then after listing items for about two weeks I noticed that it was hard to find any items at my webstore that were in stock. Prostores advertised my items, but they were all out of stock. What is the point of having a store when you have nothing to sell? People don’t want to look through 20 items that are all out of stock trying to find something you are really selling.

I decided to erase all of my items that were out of stock and realized that I deleted all of my items and nothing was left. I thought that I must have went overboard with deleting items.

Then I realized that there was an option to stop showing items that are out of stock. That’s exactly what I wanted to do in the first place. Unfortunately after listing several more items on ebay I realized that none of my ebay items were showing up on my webstore like they were supposed to. Why? Because my webstore said they were all out of stock.
I emailed prostores about my problem and after waiting a day I finally got some suggestions. I spent about a week of emailing back and forth and sometimes waiting two days for another canned response. None of the suggestions helped, so I gave prostores a call. The representitive on the other end couldn’t figure out why things weren’t working and asked some technical people to look into it.

The next day the technical people still didn’t figure it out, so I called again. I asked if I could get another month free because I got a free month of a service that doesn’t work. I certainly don’t want to pay for a service without getting what I am paying for. We had a contract. They give me a service that actually does something and I give them money. No service, no money, right?

Unfortunately in order to get a month free I would have to speak with a supervisor, but none were at work at the moment because it was too late at night. (It was around 7:00 pm where I am.) So, I had to close my account at the last moment before getting billed.


1. michael - May 5, 2009

sounds like epic fail to me.