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Alara Reborn Review Part 4: Limited Second Picks April 29, 2009

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If you can’t get one of the best bombs or first picks mentioned in my previous articles, you could still get something nearly as powerful. These I call “second picks.” Here are my favorite 12 second picks:

Twelfth place: Zealous Persecution

zealous persecution

Zealous Persecution is great removal against some decks, and it can be like giving your creatures +2/+2 as a combat trick.

Eleventh place: Bant Sureblade

bant sureblade

The second best of the common “blades.” An almost-Watchwolf that can get first place that is easier to play than Watchwolf.

Tenth place: Esper Stormblade

esper stormblade

A very powerful common creature. The best of the common “blades.” An almost-Watchwolf that can get flying and is easier to play than Watchwolf.

Nineth place: Winged Coatl

wingled coatl

Winged Coatl isn’t the best creature removal spell, but it can kill just about anything. On the downside, it is hard to use except when playing Bant.

Eighth place: Ethersworn Shieldmage

ethersworn shieldmage

In esper this card can be devastating. Still worth playing outside of esper to get an invincible blocker.

Seventh place: Sangrite Backlash

sangrite backlash

Sangrite Backlash is pretty good removal and it can make a creature deal more damage in rare situations.

Sixth place: Vithian Renegades

vithian renegades

This is usually a two for one, and is very powerful against Esper.

Fifth place: Enlisted Wurm

enlisted wurm

A two for one creature that would be playable without getting a two for one. Best big uncommon creature in all of Alara block. Enlisted Wurm and “better” second picks are all in a gray area because they could easily be seen as first picks. If you need big creatures still, Enlisted Wurm might be the best choice for a first pick.

Fourth place: Marisi’s Twinclaws

marisi's twinclaws

One of the best creatures and very powerful in an exalted deck. One of the best double strike creatures ever made.

Third place: Qasali Pridemage

qasali pridemage

Qasali Pathmage is an almost-watchwolf that can often give you a two for one. (Block, stack damage, then sacrifice it to destroy an artifact.)

Second place: Stun Sniper

stun sniper

Pingers are great, and pingers that tap creatures are even better. The only reason this isn’t a first pick is because it is hard to use unless you are in Naya.

First place: Bloodbraid Elf

bloodbraid elf

The best uncommon creature of Alara Reborn. You get a two for one with a creature that would be good anyway. If you need creatures in your deck still, this might be better than removal.


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