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Alara Reborn Review Part 2: Limited Bombs April 25, 2009

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I have chosen what I believe to be the top 6 limited bombs of Alara Reborn. These are the best cards you can get when playing in a sealed or draft tournament. My criteria for a bomb are the following:

  1. It will win you the game if it is not stopped.
  2. It is undercosted. Lower mana cost is good.
  3. It has few colors. No colors is best.

Bombs do not have to meet all of the above criteria. Either of the first two attributes of bombs can be enough to make a card a bomb. (Drawing 3 cards for one blue mana is undercosted enough to be a bomb without winning the game.)

Bombs in Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn tend to qualify as bombs because they “win you the game if they are not stopped.” They tend to cost a lot of mana and have at least two colors.
Although cards with very high mana costs (7 and above) tend to be best in Sealed Deck tournaments, some of these cards can be good enough for draft as well.

Now for the top 6 bombs:

6th place: Dragon Broodmother

dragon broodmother

Dragon Broodmother is a not-so-good Sharding Sphinx. Still very good for three reasons. One, it beats the opponent’s face in. Two, it makes a flying chump blocker that can stop a huge creature. Three, it makes flying creatures that can help beat the opponent’s face in.

5th Place: Defiler of Souls

defiler of souls

Defiler of Souls can be one of the best bombs, but you have to build a deck around it. It has a fairly low mana cost, but you can end up killing your own team with it.

4th place: Karruthus


Karrathus will kill the opponent very quickly. If you steal a dragon with it, then you just won the game immediately.

3rd place: Thraximunder


Traximunder kills the opponents army and gets big. That’s about it.

2nd place: Sens Triplets

sens triplets

Sen’s Triplets is Wizards of the Coast’s attempt to make my God card. It is playable, fun, creative, and very powerful.

I think it’s interesting that the oppoent can no longer play spells during your turn. This alone makes the card good, but it seems like overkill. I wonder if this bonus ability was given to Sens Triplets just so two players don’t argue about who played a spell first.

1st place: Lavalanche


Lavalanche can win the game immediately. You destroy the opponent’s army and deal damage. Pretty much that simple.


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