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Predicting 11th Edition Part 3 April 14, 2009

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , trackback

What will the dual lands of 11th Edition (Magic 2010) look like? I already explained what other people suspect the new dual lands might be like. The time has come for me to introduce my new ideas about what the dual lands might look like:

Enchanted Meadow is awesome and powerful. It is also a Misra’s Factory. The most important drawback is that it can’t be used to activate other dual factories. The famous problem with dual lands is that new players are unhappy when they open them in a pack. This was not only true of pain lands, but also of the dual lands in Beta. This kind of land’s Mishra’s Factory ability could excite novice and expert players alike.

Note that someone else thought of a similar land to this one, but I think I changed it enough to count as a new idea.


Bog is also awesome and powerful. Bog can be used to fix a problem that Wizards faces: Dual lands tend to be better than basic lands. Wizards of the Coast wants more players to play basic lands. Bog makes basic lands useful because they are required in order for it to work.

For a moment I was worried that Bog (and other dual lands like it) would work perfectly well in a deck with one basic land. This will not always be the case because they are vulnerable to land destruction.

cliffside cave

Cliffside Cave is similar to the other reveal card ideas, but it requires that you reveal a card. It isn’t a choice. The only way around it is to have no cards in hand.

Cliffside Cave is powerful, awesome, and elegant. Some people might think the drawback is too weak, but at least it isn’t strictly better than a basic land.

Countryside is similar to Cliffside Cave in that it has a minimal drawback. It too is awesome, powerful, and elegant. Again, this drawback might be too minimal. The only way that the drawback will harm you is if you draw too many of them. Perhaps removing two cards from the top of the library would be more balanced.

Conclusion: Enchanted Meadow and Bog lack elegance, but they might be more balanced than Cliffside Cave and Countryside. Cliffside Cave and Countryside are much more likely than drawbackless duals, but they could end up having a bigger drawback than I have presented here.


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2. Michael - April 14, 2009

Cliffside Cave is TOO powerful. needs to reveal whole hand or reveal a card at random. giving the player a choice makes it too good.

3. James - April 14, 2009

I admit that these cards might be too powerful. Revealing your whole hand can be a bit time consuming in a tournament where the opponent will read every card and write them down.

Wizards could also have you reveal two cards.

4. Michael - April 14, 2009

They could make timmy lands..

Timmy GW
Tap: add GW to your mana pool. This can only be used on creature spells.

It will solve the 1-drop problem for Alara Reborn and be timmy friendly since it helps accelerate to creatures. It might be too good with things like Wolly Thoctar.