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Easter Eggs: Secrets Found In Card Art April 7, 2009

Posted by James in : all, random , trackback

uktabi orangutan thumbnailArtists like to hide secrets within their artwork. Apperantly this is because of censorship. If sex, nudity, and general disgusting stuff isn’t allowed in the artwork, then it will have to be hidden within the artwork. I will present four cards and their secrets.

Take a look at Uktabi Orangutan:

uktabi orangutan

Everything might look fine, but take a closer look:

That’s right. Two monkeys are doing it.

Now let’s take a look at Liege of the Pit:

liege of the pit

Nothing offensive whatsoever. Right? Think again:

That’s right. There are little baby heads inside of his body. Not sure how the artist thought of it.

Now let’s take a look at another popular image:

ekundo cyclops

This guy certainly doesn’t look like your typical green cyclops, but it looks harmless enough at the first glance. At the second glance you might notice something:

ekundo cyclops

I don’t want to know what that hairy mass is supposed to be.

Finally, let’s take a look at Living Wall, a card that has been around since the beginning:

living wall

The teeth and eye goop does look disgusting, but that apperantly wasn’t disgusting enough for Anson Maddocks. Take a closer look:

living wall baby fetus

Yes, a baby fetus is in there. Not sure why.


1. michael - April 7, 2009

If Living Wall didn’t have a fetus, how would there be more Living Walls? If they are alive, they must reproduce somehow. Maybe that is the next Living Wall to come into existence. Thus, Living Wall is a mammal.

All Ninja are Mammals
Living Wall is a Mammal
therefore Living Wall is a Ninja.

W00t, logical fallicy FTW.

2. Riki - April 7, 2009

You seem to have missed the shape of the… tree(?) that the female cyclops is straddling.

Foil (and only the foil version) of Goblin Embermage also has a prominent piece of anatomy.

3. michael - April 8, 2009

disregard previous post…wrong article.

Riki, I think James was more interested in what the phallic imagery was supposed to be, not what it looks like (guess we need to ask the artist…)

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