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Predicting Alara Reborn Part 5 April 3, 2009

Posted by James in : all, fake cards, speculation , trackback

Updated 4-15-2009

The art and card names of 5 Obelisk-like cards have been spoiled here. Like Obelisks, cards like these are expected to be used for mana fixing. However, Alara Reborn is all multicolored, so it isn’t as easy to provide us with mana fixing. Here are two ideas about what these cards might do that were thought of by other people:

Mistvein Borderpost

Mistvein Borderpost is based on a photoshopped card discussed here. It doesn’t provide mana fixing because you need both colors to get both colors, but it is still pretty powerful.

fieldmist borderpost

Fieldmist Borderpost has a non-mana fixing ability and a mana fixing ability. This can be a great way to help us avoid both mana screw (not enough mana) and mana flooding.

Here are ideas that I thought of:

wildfield borderpost

Wildfield Borderpost answers the question, “How can an all gold set have lands?” Technically speaking, it probably doesn’t have lands, but artifacts could be used as lands with an ability like this one. This card idea is almost the same thing as my idea for what Obelisks should have been like to begin with, which was entitled “Palentir” in my first Shards of Alara article.

Firewild borderpost

Firewild Borderpost presents another idea for how an artifact can function as a land. It is a lot like the bounce lands in Ravnica, but can also be played as an artifact.

veinfire borderpost

Veinfire Borderpost can be used for mana or for a powerful ability to help us avoid both mana screw and mana flooding.

Update: 4-15-2009

We now know what these things really do. Go here to take a look. Here is one of them:

real mistvein borderpost

It looks like they took a hint and made them slightly like lands. Compare it to my idea for Firewild Borderpost:

The one bonus of the new card is that you can play the land you bounced right away. The two drawbacks include (1) it only produces one mana and (2) it costs one mana to play. Overall, the power level is pretty similar, but not quite as good because of having two drawbacks. (Only one of these drawbacks would be enough.) My idea would be potentially worthy for constructed (standard/block), but the ideas Wizards presented are only worthy for limited (draft/sealed.)


1. michael - April 6, 2009

Veinfire seems a little overpowered since it is a Bloodstained Mire and repeatable Fulminager Mage. Especially in current extended where everyone is playing non-basics (affinity, 5 color, faeries, zoo)

2. James - April 6, 2009


How could a 3rd turn land destruction card matter to affinity?

The card is based on Dwarven Miner, but it requires two colors and it isn’t a creature. Not being a creature is the only thing that makes it worth playing in extended.

3. Gregtron - April 6, 2009


I have to agree with Michael. I could possibly imagine them printing a sorcery that destroys a non-basic land for BBRR, which is basically what Veinfire is… Except not one that would allow you to do it over and over and over again.

This would make BR aggro a very viable option against 5CC. Resolve it turn two, and start blowing up Reflecting Pools next turn while you build up to that big Banefire. Of course, there’s the added benefit of hitting extra land drops and thinning your deck 2-1 every time you draw one of the other three you have.

4. James - April 6, 2009


Why would they make a sorcery that destroys a nonbasic land for BBRR when you can just play stone rain? Do you mean a sorcery that only costs BR?

They already made Ruination that destroys all nonbasic lands for 3R. This card isn’t better than that.

You might be right that it could make BR a viable option against 5CC, but so what? They can play artifact removal. Right now BR isn’t good enough many of the other decks anyway. Not to mention I don’t see what’s wrong with making BR a more powerful deck.

5. michael - April 6, 2009

Fulminator Mage was a hybrid b/r for 3 that could blow up a non-basic once…or attack as a 2/2.

I do not like seeing a repeatable effect like that on such a low cc card.

Ethersworn Adjudicator costs 5 to have a repeatable Mortify. This is a 2cc artifact that has a better Lava Blister.

6. James - April 6, 2009

The point of the card was mainly to show how the borderpost could be used for mana or another ability. Of course the ability I thought of is entirely speculative. I still like the ability, but I doubt we will see it because Wizards of the Coast wants people playing 3 color decks.

Now that I think of it, the land replacement card idea is probably even less plausible because they are too much like artifact lands. The comes into play tapped one is probably more reasonable than the other one. Artifact lands are ruining fun card ideas.

7. Gregtron - April 7, 2009

I said BBRR, because that’s the cost of the artifact plus the cost of the activating the ability. The main difference between this and Stone Rain or Ruination is that this card would be affecting Standard, a slower format, thick with non-basic lands. You can’t make up a card that lets you draw for life and then say, yeah, but they printed Necropotence…

And I think the 3 color theme will be changed somewhat when ARB comes out. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw benefits from playing enemy shard colors, since all the shards are now being exposed to the two colors of mana they’ve been without. Certainly all the 5 color cards from Conflux hint at this, especially the titular card of the set.

8. James - April 7, 2009

Gregtron, No one ever thought Stone Rain was too powerful. In fact, just the opposite. Usually Stone Rain isn’t worth playing. Fulminator Mage is proof of how powerful non-basic land hate should be. It can have a converted mana cost of 3, be a creature with a sacrifice ability, and have hybrid mana in the mana cost (which makes it easier to play than usual.) A card that destroys a nonbasic land for BBRR would be horrible.

That aside, standard isn’t very slow. Destroying a nonbasic land against an aggressive Kithkin deck, red-black deck, black-white token deck, or boros deck will usually make little difference.

There will be no enemy shards, but there are enemy color cards. Wizards of the Coast stated that Shards will be different from Ravnica because “unlike Ravnica, there are no unaligned cards. Every card comes from one of the five worlds, no exception.” At first glance this is false because there are unaligned colored cards. However, I think it is pretty clear that unlike Ravnica that had a theme for every enemy color combination, enemy colored shard themes would not be introduced. See the full article at http://www.wizards.com/magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/mm/3

9. michael - April 8, 2009

officially previewed cards…


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