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Predicting Zendikar Part 4 April 2, 2009

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A New Kind of Poison (part 2)

It has been suggested that Zendikar might feature poison in new ways: It can be used on instants/sorceries, as a drawback, or as a resource. I have shown how the first two ideas might work, but how might poison be used as a resource?

In this article I will introduce poison as a resource, and I will show how creatures can still be used with the poison mechanic in order to keep the game interactive. (It’s not fun playing against a poison deck that is uninteractive.)

purifying memories

Purifying Memories is one of the simplest ways of implementing poison as a resource. Poison should generally be used as a resource that can be ignored, so Purifying Memories is a playable card even if you don’t have any poison counters.

venomous dragon

Venomous Dragon makes use of a poison-resource mechanic (venomous). This allows poison to be used as an alternate win condition while still involving creatures.

obnoxious faerie

Obnoxious Faerie features poison as an official resource that uses its own (mana) symbol. You can pay poison to play abilities in addition to paying mana.

Now that poison can be used as an official resource, it can be included in a creature’s mana cost. It seems inappropriate to require you to pay a mana cost with poison, but hybrid mana could avoid this problem. Here is a close up of the hybrid mana:

deadly griffin


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3. michael - April 3, 2009

I thought of some ideas that will blow your mind!

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