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Slivers are from Final Fantasy March 13, 2009

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This article has been updated

I believe that Slivers were originally from Magic: the Gathering, but they also appeared in Final Fantasy. To be precise, Final Fantasy 2 (from Final Fantasy Origins) for the PlayStation.

Final Fantasy Origins was released April 2003. Magic the Gathering premiered 10 years earlier in July 1993. Stronghold was the first set to feature Slivers five years later in February 1998.

Final Fantasy 2 was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (Famicom) on Dec 17, 1988 in Japan. There were no Slivers at that time. Instead, there were “Stalactites,” which were amorphous blotches. They had the worst picture of any monster in the game.

Actually, I have read the entire monster list translation by Red Scarlet and I see no mention of Stalactites, so I’m not sure if that is what they were originally called in Japanese.

For some reason “Stalactite” was temporarily translated to “Sliver” for the PlayStation translation of Final Fantasy 2. A picture of Final Fantasy’s Sliver can be found here. At this time it was a little more clear that we were dealing with a spike-armed monster of some sort:


This creature does look suspiciously like Slivers in Magic: the Gathering, which also have a spikey arm:

This article contained inaccuracies and was updated 3-18-2008.

My next article will be posted on Tuesday 3-17-2008.


1. lawrence - March 17, 2009

Damn, Final Fantasy original, why you got to make me feel so old James.