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Most Offensive Magic Card Awards March 6, 2009

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I found four cards that deserve special attention for how offensive they are.

Filigree Fracture

Filigree Fracture is the newest offensive card with obvious nudity. Why do many people think nudity OK as long as you can’t see nipples?


“Fatest Itcher” is neither fat, nor an itcher, but the name itself would never be approved for political correctness reasons without being sneaky about it.

Nip Gwyllion

Nip Gwyllion might sound perfectly politically correct by people with no historical awareness, but “nip” is a racist derogatory term against the Japanese. This was quite popular during World War II. See the wikipedia article for more infomration.

The Unspeakable

What is that? A vertical mouth? Someone at Wizards thought it would be funny to flaunt this perverse image as a huge wallpaper for all to download.

My next article will be posted on Tuesday 3-3-2008.


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