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Predicting Zendikar Part 3 March 31, 2009

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A New Kind Of Poison (part 1)

Since “poison” appears to be the most likely returning mechanic of Zendikar, I will spend the next two articles revealing what the poison cards might be like. One important reason to think that Zendikar is about poison is that Mark Rosewater promised that poison would return in a future set here. That was quite some time ago. If poison doesn’t return in Zendikar, then it would probably return in the next block. (more…)

Predicting Zendikar Part 2 March 27, 2009

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We know that an old mechanic will make a return in Zendikar. What could it be? Let’s consider a hint given by Mark Rosewater: (more…)

Predicting Zendikar (Codename Live) March 24, 2009

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We have been given some information about the block after Shards of Alara. Before you know it we will get Alara Reborn and 11th Edition. The next three sets after 11th Edition are codenamed “Live, Long, and Prosper.” Apparently “live” (Zendikar) set will not feature a new mechanic and will reintroduce a fan-favorite mechanic instead. This is what Mark Rosewater had to say: (more…)

Predicting Alara Reborn Part 4 March 20, 2009

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We know that Alara Reborn will be all gold (multicolor). It appears confirmed that every card in the whole set will be gold, so there won’t be any colorless lands or artifacts. One problem remains: What will the one drops look like? Gold cards require you to pay at least two mana, so one drops probably won’t have one mana in the casting cost. (more…)

Predicting Alara Reborn Part 3 March 17, 2009

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We know two things about Alara Reborn. One, it will probably take place after the shards unite and become a new world. (Hence the name “Alara Reborn.”) Two, it is supposed to be very unusual. I will take a look at how it might be unusual. We believe that it will be unusual because of hints given by the design team of Wizards of the Coast. Aaron Forsythe gave a hint about Alara Reborn being a bit different when he said: (more…)

Slivers are from Final Fantasy March 13, 2009

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This article has been updated

I believe that Slivers were originally from Magic: the Gathering, but they also appeared in Final Fantasy. To be precise, Final Fantasy 2 (from Final Fantasy Origins) for the PlayStation. (more…)

Shards of Alara & Conflux Critique March 10, 2009

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Shards of Alara has a clunky design for playing in limited tournament events (draft and sealed deck). Consider the different themes and how they interact: (more…)

Most Offensive Magic Card Awards March 6, 2009

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I found four cards that deserve special attention for how offensive they are. (more…)

Stolen Artwork March 3, 2009

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After spending hundreds of hours looking through fantasy art, I noticed that some of the artwork found on Magic Cards looks a little too similar to art I’ve already seen… even when the art I’ve already seen was very random and original. (more…)