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Shards of Alara Block Constructed Part 10: Devour February 20, 2009

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Conflux has almost nothing worth mentioning with devour. Jund (red-black-green) did get Scarland Thrinax and Bloodhall Ooze but I’m not sure if they are good enough for a Devour deck. However, since unearth is so great in a devour deck, there are some new cards worth putting in a Jund deck. In particular, Hellspark Elemental and Shambling Remains. Here is my current idea for a devour deck:

4 Kesh the Bloodbraided (mythic rare)
4 Mycoloth (rare)
4 Hell’s Thunder (rare)
4 Sprouting Thrinax
4 Hellspark Elemental
4 Shambling Remains
4 Scarland Thrinax
4 Dregscape Zombie
4 Dragon Fodder
4 Savage Lands
2 Jungle Shrine
2 Crumbling Necropolis
6 Mountain
6 Forest
4 Swamp

Volcanic Fallout, Banefire, Goblin Assault, Hissing Iguanar, Bloodhall Ooze, and Thunder-Thrash Elder, and Elvish Visionary are also good cards that might be suitable for the deck. This deck can be quite fast and give the opponent an endless assault of creatures.

It is possible to make a mono red devour deck. It would look something like this:

4 Predator Dragon (rare)
4 Goblin Assault (rare)
4 Hell’s Thunder (rare)
4 Hissing Iguanar
4 Hellspark Elemental
4 Volcanic Fallout
4 Dragon Fodder
4 Thunder-Thrash Elder
4 Resounding Thunder
24 Mountain

Rockslide Elemental and Banefire can replace 4 lands and Predator Dragon to make the deck faster.


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