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Sixty Years in the Future Part 2 February 13, 2009

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The journey through time continues as I predict future cards and reprints. The power 9 might be on the “reserved list,” but Wizards of the Coast won’t let that stop them. If you thought that the power 9 is “too powerful” then you have got to read this article.

2049: 40 Years in the Future

A few years earlier a set came out that practically remade the Revised dual lands in 2046. When these lands come into play, each opponent gains 1 life. Then 30th edition reprints Mana Crypt, those new dual lands, and Tarmogoyf in 2049. However, Tarmogoyf is reprinted just in the nick of time for a new card type to be introduced: the Plane. (That’s right Mana Crypt isn’t on the “reserved list.”)

Because the power 9 cards become so rare, Wizards of the Coast finally make the decision to give away promotional versions of the power 9. So many promotional cards are given out that you could get the entire power 9 for under $1000. (Due to inflation, that amount would really be under $500 right now.)


Pretty self-explanatory. If you play with basic lands, you get something awesome.


Timetwister (a) doesn’t have anything to do with time and (b) it isn’t that great of a card. Thoughtwister answers these issues.

2059: 50 Years in the Future

In 2047 35th edition features new card frames and Simian Shaman is reprinted in anticipation of Transcendence, which will make it much more powerful. This is the first core set to reprint hybrid mana and multi-colored cards.

In 2059 the new set “Transcendence” features triple lands (with no drawback), new and improved Moxes, an improved version of Yawgmoth’s Will, and it has a “basic land theme.” The basic land theme becomes a permanent part of Magic in order to make sure that basic lands are still worth playing. Two years later a common version of Ancestral Recall is printed that is slightly weaker because it says, “Target player may draw 3 cards.” (That’s right, you can’t “force” the opponent to draw with it.)


When you control the universe, to some extent, you control everything. The Universe allows you to even make use of planets, suns, and galaxies controlled by other players. Although Blue Planet, Sun, and Galaxy might be unaffectable, they can still be used when you control the opponent.


To be “all powerful” is to be able to do anything. Even cards with non-mana costs can be played for free.

2069: 60 Years in the Future

A new set called “Eternity” comes out featuring more powerful versions of Ancestral Recall, Black Lotus, and Timewalk. For the first time in history, the power 9 is no longer considered to be “too powerful.” The power creep catches up with the power level of the most powerful cards currently in Magic, and type 1 (vintage) isn’t much more impressive than type 2 (standard).


The multiverse is greater than the Universe and Wizards will find a way to give you everything. Since you get everything as a payment, you skirt the “unaffectable” issue because payments aren’t “effects.”

yawgmoth's time mox

According to Wizards of the Coast, any card named “Yawgmoth’s Time Mox” will probably get banned quickly. To celebrate the insane power creep lasting 70 years and finally reaching a pinnacle of insanity, the design team decides it would be funny to finally make Yawgmoth’s Time Mox, as the most powerful card imaginable.

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I believe that all of these card images are in the public domain by NASA except Yawgmoth’s Time mox, which is an altered version of an image fround here, and Thoughtwister, which was created by Mark Tedin.My next article will be posted on Monday February 16th 2009.


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2. Neoglitch - July 4, 2012

Congratulations James, you successfully predicted the future!! Well… almost:

You may cast nonland cards from your hand without paying their mana cost.

I guess that if Omnipotence is ever created, it will have an effect like “At the beginning of your upkeep, you may exile a permanent target player controls.”

Also, I like the borders you use for your distant-future-shifted cards; Wizards should opt for a similar design without vertical borders on the art.

3. James - July 4, 2012


Thank you for the comment. I have a lot of ideas about what Omnipotence could do. I don’t think exiling things would be appropriate for it because it doesn’t necessarily symbolize anything destructive. Infinite mana could work, but might be too similar to Omniscience. Drawing lots of cards would be consistent with Arcanis the Omnipotent, so that is also a possibility.

4. James - July 6, 2012


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