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Sixty Years In the Future Part 1 February 11, 2009

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

For around 10 years Kird Ape was considered “too powerful” because it could be a 2/3 for one mana. Now we have Wild Nacatl that can be a 3/3 for one mana. We thought Swords to Plowshares was too powerful, but now we have Path to Exile. Using the powers of inductive reasoning I will predict how Magic will evolve for the next 60 years:

2019: 10 Years in the Future

Common 2/2 creatures for one mana is considered to be a normal part of the game, but they tend to have drawbacks as usual. Lightning Bolt is finally reprinted in 2015 as part of 14th Edition.

phyrexian myr

We have finally seen Noble Hierarch, the only creature that can be compared to Birds of Paradise. Ten years from now Birds of Paradise will be underpowered and Phyrexian Myr will take its place.

anti-war sentiment

Some people aren’t sure if Path to Exile is better than Swords to Plowshares, but no one will make that argument when it comes to Anti-War Sentiment.

2029: 20 Years from Now

2/2 creatures for one mana no longer require drawbacks. “Isumaru” is considered underpowered. Some 3/3 creatures are printed that only have one mana cost, but they have drawbacks.

Simian Shaman

Simian Shaman is featured in the first set to have triple-hybrid mana. Many people complain that “Simian Shaman is too weak” because no one wants to play with basic lands.

darksteel angel

Platinum Angel has rarely seen play in a competitive format and its power level is increased by being remade as Darksteel Angel.

2039: 30 Years in the Future

In 2037 25th Edition comes out using a “new card frame” as was previewed in Futuresight several years earlier, and Force of Will is finally reprinted.

Skullclamp is no loger considered overpowered, and it is remade in 26th Edition. 3/3 creatures for one mana no longer have drawbacks.

blue planet

Blue Planet features the exciting notion of a fairly large land mass being captured in a single land card.

thor's thunder

Direct damage became increasingly more powerful over the years until Thor’s Rage is printed. This card’s power level was perhaps a little too high, but is no more overpowered than Lightning Bolt originally was.

The image used for Anti-War Sentiment is an altered version of an image created by Paul Kwon, found here. The image of Phyrexian Myr was an altered version of “Holo Mouse” created by Goro Fujita. The image used for Simian Shaman is by Somnivore under the Creative Commons license. The image used for Blue Planet is in the public domain by NASA. Thor’s Rage uses an image by Jason Rainville.


1. michael - February 11, 2009

Phyrexian Myr doesn’t make thematic sence. Phyrexia makes artifact creatures, sure…but they do not make Myr. They take living creatures and graft artifice on them (like the Borg). Myr are pure artifact creatures so they wouldn’t mix well with the phyrexian process. I think it needs a new name.

The only things that make it really better than BoP is that it is common and colorless.

Darksteel is only available on Mirrodin, but that plane got turned to mush so I doubt there would be any Darksteel left to make an angel.

Blue Planet looks like it was designed to work with madness and flashback. Are those going to be reused in the year 2039? Are they still going to be making Mythic Rares in 2039?

2. James - February 11, 2009

The Myr might be called something else in the future… or there might be a surprise reappearance of Mirrodin and a battle of the planets!

Phyrexian Myr can also be a win condition and Birds of Paradise can’t.
Almost all of the cards I will show will be reprinted in core sets, but madness and flashback will never show up in a core set. They might reappear in a couple future sets, but that’s it.

None of the cards shown so far are Mythic rares, so I haven’t had to make a commitment about that yet.

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7. Arthur Tam - December 14, 2010

Now, with the most irony that anybody can muster, Phyrexian Myrs actually exist.