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Drafting Conflux Part 3: Jund February 1, 2009

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Of the very best commons and uncommons, Jund (green-red-black) can use everything except Path to Exile. Dark Temper in particular is good in Jund.

Drafting Jund can be a lot like drafting Naya, or it can be a lot like drafting Grixis. Since Jund and Grixis both have the same theme (sacrificing creatures), this is the only theme I would expect to get in a draft now that Conflux has been introduced. (The artifact theme might also still be playable, but I haven’t looked closely at that possibility yet.) Here are the best cards you can draft for Jund:

The very best (bombs)

Really good cards (first picks)

Good cards (second picks)

Notable Commons and Uncommons


Red is one of the best colors in Shards of Alara. Dragonsoul Knight is best in Naya or Jund because green has such helpful manafixing. Hellspark elemental is best in Jund and Grixis because of the “sacrifice a creature” themes they both share.


Green has some big creatures, manafixing, and a nice creature with devour, which is prefect for Jund.


Black has almost nothing worth playing. Fleshformer can be quite good in jund with the help of green manafixing, but it isn’t worth playing unless you are splashing for all five colors. Other than that, nothing is worth mentioning.


Scarland Thrinax isn’t the best creature with “devour,” but it is about as good as it gets for Conflux. If you want to make a deck with a devour theme, you will need this card.

Shambling Remains is possibly the best unearth card made so far. It is bigger than it should be and it likes to be sacrificed after it gets unearthed.

I’m not sure if Suicidal Charge is worth playing against every deck, but it can kill a ton of exalted creatures. If you are playing with Shards of Alara cards, it can kill a lot of creatures for other Jund decks as well.


Jund is one of the best decks you can make for a draft. I’m not sure if it is better than Bant, but the fact that the Grixis cards are so helpful will prove to be noteworthy.


Note: Since I haven’t played Conflux enough yet, this article is speculative. 


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