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Drafting Conflux Part 2: Bant January 31, 2009

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Drafting Bant (white/green/blue) is almost exactly the same as drafting Naya. This is even more true now that exalted and the five-power theme make even less difference. Drafting is going to be much more about taking the best on-color cards and mana fixing.

These are the cards I believe to be best for Bant:

The very best (bombs)

Really good cards (first picks)

Good cards (second picks)

Notable Commons and Uncommons


Unsummon is a great card for a fast deck, and Bant tends to be very fast. It is also a great card against creatures that aquire too many +1/+1 counters.

I would prefer that Controlled instincts just kill certain creatures right away, but it is still a half-decent card for draft. It doesn’t work against Esper, but it works against everything else.


Aven Squire is the only notable card with exalted (that isn’t rare), but there are still more notable white cards than any other color. Paragon of the Amesha is worth playing if you can splash for 5 colors, which can be quite possible with the help of green.


Green has very little to offer except some random big creatures and a huge manafixing boost with Shard Convergence.


Notice that this list is almost exactly the same as Naya’s. Except one thing: All the awesome red cards are gone. Red is so much more impressive than blue, and there isn’t a whole lot of creatures with exalted in this set. Whether you draft Naya or Bant, you will probably end up with a white-green deck that splashes the other three colors. However, it is also quite possible to draft a Naya deck that is mainly green-red.

Note: Since Conflux isn’t out yet, this article is speculative. I haven’t tested my ideas yet.


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