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Conflux Review Part 2: Top 10 Cards January 27, 2009

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Although Shards of Alara had very few cards that could be used for either standard or extended, Conflux has at least 10 that might be good enough:

Path to Exile can only be compared to Swords to Plowshares. The drawback will often be meaningless, and the drawback is less important than life gain for many aggro decks. If Path to Exile isn’t too powerful, than we might see Anti-War Sentiment soon. This card is good enough for vintage!

Noble Hierarch is the only card ever printed that can be compared with Birds of Paradise. Nothing wrong with that considering that Birds of Paradise isn’t overpowered. However, Noble Hierarch can be quite a bit better than Birds of Paradise considering that it can boost your attacking creatures! This is good enough for extended.

I’m not sure how good Knight of Reliquary is, but it can be quite good with Life of the Loam and Countryside Crusher. Also notice that this can search for any land… including Library of Alexandria, Wasteland, Strip Mine, Mishra’s Workshop…

A very powerful 1/1 creature for one mana, but it requires that you control other permanents, which generally causes you to “overextend” against an opponent playing mass removal.

Celestial Purge is a very powerful red/black hate card that will probably find a home in at least some extended and standard decks.

I don’t know if Cliffrunner Behemoth will see any play in Standard, but it works great with Figure of Destiny. Again, he requires you to control other permanents to be fully useful, so it encourages you to walk right into Wrath of God with your pants down.

Banefire is probably the best Fireball we have ever seen. A perfect way for any control deck to kill you off without the possibility of prevention.

Martial Coup seems like the perfect card for any control deck. It makes guys and kills everything simultaneously. What more could you want? I wouldn’t be surprized to see one or two copies in a 5 color control deck.

Aggro Black Red decks just got a new great card. A 4/3 for only three mana. Good so far, but it can also be unearthed.

Yes, any Elf decks found to be viable in standard will have some of these either main deck or in the sideboard. This card can almost guarantee you beat faeries because it can be played first turn before it can be countered. Either the opponent draws a Nameless Inversion or you win at that point.

Update 1-29-2009)

We finally found out about Path to Exile. I like the picture.


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