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Conflux Predictions Part 6: Leaked Artwork January 24, 2009

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Magicthegathering.com has leaked several images for Conflux cards. We already know what cards some of the art is for, but not all. It’s only a few days before we have the complete Conflux Spoiler, so this is our last chance to guess what cards will be made. I will take a look at two pieces of art that look particularly impressive and guess what they will be:

Part 1: Giant Gargoyle

This is an image shown in the Exploring the Planes of Magic the Gathering section. Specifically, the Esper plane of Alara. This is what the card will probably be:

Darklit Gargoyle has already been spoiled, so we know what it does. As you can see, part of the Gargoyle is “lit,” just like in the name.

Actually, I would be horrified if this was what the art is for! The Gargoyle in the image is majestic and powerful. We have one other good reason to suspect that this image is not for Darklit Gargoyle: It has a guy on the gargoyle. This guy is probably the focus of the card rather than the gargoyle. “Ethersworn Adjudicator” has not yet been spoiled, it is clearly an Esper card, and it is rumored to be a mythic rare. This is what I hope the image belongs to. Although we already have a giant esper rare spoiled, there will be some mythics similar to Malfegor, the Prerelease card.

Mythics like Malfegor will have two colors. That leaves us with two possibilities. Ethersworn Adjudicator could be white/blue or black/blue:

We don’t have a good “replenish” for artifacts yet, and a white/blue mythic rare would be a great opportunity to give us exactly that. The card I predict won’t quite be as good as replenish, since it will help all Esper players, but replenish for artifacts is potentially broken anyway.

I find the black/blue version more likely because Wizards tends not to fulfill our wildest dreams.

Part 2: Overlooking the Shards

This is a piece of art of someone looking at all of the various “shards” that can be seen on the Exploring Conflux webpage. This would be perfect art for a “searching for a land” kind of card. “View from Above” sounds exactly like a card that helps you find lands. This kind of card appears in almost every set, and will probably appear in Conflux considering that it has such a strong addiction to mana fixing. Since this idea has been done do death already, there aren’t a lot of innovative ways of searching for lands. I would be pretty happy if it is merely a remake of Harrow, but here are two new possibilities:

This first version from View from Above is a more powerful version of Lay of the Land from Invasion. Lay of the Land was clearly underpowered and could have just as easily searched for two basic lands. However, it is not common for cards in Shards of Alara to have more powerful mana fixing than what we have already seen, and it has very few cantrips, so I doubt this is what the card will do.

it is more likely for this to represent what the card will actually do considering that its bonus is based on a popular cycle of bonuses found on many other cards in Conflux. (If you control a permanent of a certain color, it does something neat.) This “cycle” has many cards with three casting cost, which would be perfect for this card. (I would actually prefer its mana cost to be 1G, but that would be considered to be “too good” for mana fixing.)
If anyone else has a different opinion about what these cards might do, I would like to hear it.

(Update 1-25-2009)

View from Above has been spoiled as a crappy blue common that gives something flying. I was afraid something like this might happen. This is the artwork for it:

I really hope that there will be something like one of the View from Above cards that I predicted in the set because the mana fixing is still lacking for a “5 color set.” I will discuss the card in the “kicker predictions” article.

Update: The Conflux Spoiler is now complete. I will give a review of the set and make an article that reviews my prediction success, if any.

I will post a new article on Tuesday 1-27-2009.


1. michael - January 26, 2009

That last image is an Esper mage over looking Grixis.