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Conflux Predictions Part 2: Domain January 18, 2009

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The easiest way to make predictions about Conflux is to take a look at what cards have already been made and to take a look at the complete list of leaked card names. I predict that there will be at least the following four cycles:

Although I have already guessed one of the cards that could have domain (Child of Alara), there will probably be at least one common with domain in each color. Two of the three cards are remakes, so it is quite possible that every color will get at least one remake. It seems unlikely that we will see a remake of Tribal Flames considering that it was just in Time Spiral not that long ago. (Of course, they might want us to be able to have eight in a deck.)

So far we have two green cards with domain and one blue card. Both colors has an instant with domain, so it is quite possible that each color will get an instant with domain. Here are my current card predictions with the hope that they will not be remakes:

A black instant with domain would either make a player discard X cards, give a creature -X/-X, or it will drain life for X. Discarding X cards is probably too powerful for an instant, but it is quite possible for there to be a card that gives a creature -X/-X. “Drag Down” may very well be a black spell that gives a creature less power and toughness. However, the new “Constricting Tendrils” will almost certainly be a kind of drain life spell. I predict that it will have domain, and it could even be a remake of Exotic Disease with a new name.

The red spell with domain could destroy X lands, deal X damage, or create X goblins. Tribal Flames already deals X damage, so that wouldn’t be very interesting. Destroying X lands is too powerful. So, I hope that it will create X goblins. “Wandering Goblins” could very well be this card.

The white instant with domain could remove X attacking creatures from the game, give you X life, prevent X damage, or create X soldier tokens. Removing X attacking creatures from the game is probably too powerful, and I am guessing that red gets the token generation. So, gaining life/preventing damage is what is left. Preventing damage is a little more interesting since it can help creatures. “Asha’s Favor” sounds appropriate for either gaining life or preventing damage.

Update (1-19-2009)

We just found out what “Constricting Tendrils” actually does, and it is a blue card. We have never seen a blue “tendrils,” so this is unprecedented. Of course, we still don’t know what the black domain card does, so I could still be right about that.

Update 2 (1-24-2009)

We now know what Wandering Goblins and Asha’s Favor do. I was correct about their colors, but Asha’s Favor does not have domain. Wandering Goblins does have domain, but it is quite different from what I predicted.

Asha’s Favor 2W
Enchantment - Aura (C)
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature has flying, first strike, and vigilance.

Wandering Goblins 2R
Creature - Goblin Warrior (C)
Domain - 3: Wandering Goblins get +1/+0 until end of turn for each basic land type among lands you control.

Also, we now know of a black card with Domain, but it is an uncommon, so there might be another one.

Voices from the Void 4B
Sorcery (U)
Domain - Target player discards a card for each basic land type among lands you control.

Update 3 (1-25-2009)

Another black and green card with domain has been spoiled. The green card with domain is much like what I expected Wandering Goblins to be. I suspected that Drag Down would give a creature -X/-X.

Spore Burst 3G
Domain - Put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token into play for each basic land type among lands you control.

Drag Down 2B
Domain - Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn for each basic land type you control.

Additionally, the first white card with domain has been spoiled:

Aven Trailblazer 2W
Creature - Bird Soldier (C)
Domain - Aven Trailblazer’s toughtness is equal to the number of basic land types among lands you control.

I predicted in another article that Aven Trailblazer would be able to fetch a land and I am disappointed that I was wrong because it is one more mana-fixing opportunity missed. The card doesn’t “trailblaze” at all.

The image for Wandering Goblins is an altered version of a painting done by Juliusz Kossak, and the original is in the public domain.

The image for Asha’s Favor is by Pierre-Narcisse GuĂ©rin and it is in the public domain.


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