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My Top 10 Articles of 2008 January 16, 2009

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I started writing articles over four months ago and there are probably a lot of articles I made that no one knows about. In this article I will compile the best articles. That way you can cut to the chase without sifting through the potential garbage.

What I will not mention here are my strategy articles. I think enough people already talk about strategy, and it is easy enough to find them. Just click on one of the keywords, like Draft to find all of my articles associated with that keyword.

1. No More Mana Screw

More timely than ever. Find out how Wizards of the Coast has been making the game intentionally flawed while there are many ways to help us avoid getting mana screwed!

2. I Invented Shadowmoor First!

Find out about a set I was making that is shockingly similar to Shadowmoor.

3. Unglued 3 is Unscrewed

The best unglued ideas have yet to be seen. Some of them are shown here.

4. Power Creep Part 1

Notice how Wild Nactyl is better than Kird Ape? I never expected that to happen, but cards keep getting more powerful. What will cards look like 50 years from now?

5. Shards of Alara Rules Tips

Find out what rules tips would look like if they actually gave us tips.

6. Strange Rules Part 2

The most overly-complected article to date. Find out the biggest mistake Wizards of the Coast’s lawyers have ever made.

7. Unscrewed Part 3: Scimitar of Sharing

Find out the strange rules for equip, and how complecated it can be to figure out that you can’t put an equipment on two creatures at once.

8. Strange Rules Part 3

Find out how confusing various card types and subtypes can be.

9. Arbitrary Abilities

Tired of Wizards of the Coast making deck ideas for you? Want cards that work well together because they do things on their own that so happen to become great together?

10. Elves and Satyrs are the same?

Find out that Wizards of the Coast employees didn’t take their classes on mythology.

Some of my other articles:

All of my articles from 2008 are listed in my About page.

My next article will be posted on Tuesday 1-20-2009.


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