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Alara Reborn Predictions January 16, 2009

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What will we see three months from now? Alara Reborn is the third set in Alara block. It will be released on April 30, 2009. Now that we have a good picture of Conflux, we can speculate about what we will see in Alara Reborn. What is obvious is that it will have a 5 color theme. What is not as obvious is what particular cards will be in it. In particular, I hope there will be triple lands.

We now know that triple lands will not appear in Conflux. To know this, you just have to study all 145 card names. (Although there might be around five lands in the set, they are mainly going to be lands that produce all five colors of mana.) Although triple lands won’t be in Conflux, we can still hope they will appear in Alara Reborn.

Someone I know suggested that they might have enemy-colored search lands in Conflux or Alara Reborn, just like the ones from Onslaught. Since this won’t happen in Conflux, we still can hope for it to happen in Alara Reborn.

If we don’t get search lands, then I hope we get more triple lands. One reason that this can be important is because of basic land mechanics, such as “domain” and Wild Nactyl’s ability. We need basic land types, but the nonbasic lands of Shards of Alara don’t have basic land types. In other words the best “five color deck mechanics” are worthless. Five color decks will have around 20 nonbasic lands and none of them will have a basic land type!

I have thought of two different kinds of triple lands with basic land types:

Bant Farmstead is like City of Brass, but it only has three land types. However, I don’t think Bant Farmstead would be made anytime soon because three land types would “help domain too much.” Wild Nactyl would be a 3/3 right away, and so on. This land might be made someday, but I don’t think we will see it anytime soon. 

Lakeside Pasture is based on Murmuring Bosk from Morningtide, shock lands from Ravnica, and Grove of the Burnwillows from Future Sight. This land would help you get domain and it would help Wild Nactyl, but it wouldn’t help too much. Something like this is what we might be seeing soon.
All the artwork used is in the public domain. The image for Lakeside Mountain is Bierstadt Albert’s Scene in the Sierra Nevada. The image for Bant Farmstead is Richard von Hagn’s Halbmondwehle Südermarsch.The image for Lakeside Pasture is Alfred Thompson Bricher’s Sunset in the Catskills

My next article will be posted on Monday 1-20-2008.


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